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What to eat before a hockey game

I'm going to a Rangers game on 30th december, it's also my last night in NY. So I'm looking for somewhere near Madison Square Gardens to have a really great last meal but bearing in mind we'll be dressed to go to the game so can't be anywhere too fancy. Budget's not an issue, proably want to steer clear of seafood and Asian (doing those another night)I suppose a bar that does great burgers or a really good but casual Italian would be good but open to any suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. Bar at Keen's. It's about 8 blocks away.

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      Keens. Dress code is certainly not severe. I last went when the place was full of people going to a concert, and we sat in the main dining room. But, the bar menu is good and cheaper. Either way, Keens, classic NY steakhouse, with a great bar.

    2. Soul Fixins' on 34th & 9th.
      burger & cupcakes on 36th & 9th.

      If I'm eating in the area, it's generally Korean.

      non chow-related:
      I'm looking to take a friend to her first Ranger game, but as a diehard fan, I can't bring myself to sit in the Garden and support the (mis)management team of Sather, Renney, Dolan.
      Sigh. Have fun watching Ovechkin tear up the blueliners.

      1. For tasty and casual Italian you have two choices. Tre Dici (on 26th btw 6th and 7th) and Bircchino on 29th and 8th. The former is known for their wood-fired pizzas, and the latter for their house-made sausage.

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          I was going to recommend Bircchino as well! I went on a 'hounds rec and love this place. Casual, neighborhood-y, quaint and kind of old-school. Totally fresh ingredients. A good send off from NY!

        2. IMO, Supermac is not a good choice.

          1. I just posted to someone else MSG restaurant request that I ate at the Staghorn Steakhouse this week, and it was really good. I would choose it over Keen's, it's a bit hipper, and I thought the food was better. 36th between 8th and 9th.

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              Hip you can get in a lot of restaurants. What you can't get at Staghorn is Keens' incomparable old NY ambiance. Since I haven't been to Staghorn, I can't comment on the food; however, I've always found the food at Keens to be perfectly prepared and delicious.

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                As someone who has eaten in Keens' a lot over the past 20 years, I guess I'm tired of the old NY ambiance, (maybe that's cause I'm an old New Yorker). Anyway, Staghorn is a good new alternative in the neighborhood because I certainly remember when Keens was the only place you could eat around here.

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                  Your feelings, as you explain them, are quite understandable. And I agree that it's good to have another excellent restaurant option in that area. However, the o.p. is, obviously, a visitor to NYC, and if he hasn't been to Keens, it's a place he should experience at least once.

              1. I've never eaten at Stout but it's surely a decent place to hang before an event at MSG... especially due to proximity to the Garden... on 32nd or 33rd? just east of 7th Ave.

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                  Stout is a cavernous beer joint with (IMO) so-so beers in dubious cask condition...that saying, the beer option is better than the food option, which is even more dire. Keens is the solid choice...great bar and bar menu although get their early as it gets busy in no time...