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Dec 13, 2006 12:59 PM

West Side -Indus Valley - opinions?

When Indus Valley restaurant opened on 100 Street and Broadway, we thought it was excellent - way above other West Side Indians. But, after a gap, we've been back twice in the last three months and found that quality has plummeted. Do we try again? What do others think?
Anyone know of an above average Indian restaurant on the West Side?

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  1. I haven't been there for several months. I'm very disappointed to hear that the quality has plummeted.

    1. Try Tandoori North. 96th and Columbus. Haven't ordered a meal from IV for a while but I did order samosas from there (for a surprise birthday party) and they were excellent. I would hate to find that the quality of the food has deteriorated. Perhaps that ugly, very out of place, glass fronted condo is exuding negative energy!

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        Can't find Tandoori North between 97 and 94th on Columbus - is it on Amsterdam or higher on Columbus? Thanks in advance.

      2. I've had great meals there recently...

        1. Hmm. I hope they haven't closed down. Can't find it on menupages. It was on 97th and Columbus where Fiesta Mexicana Dos and then an indifferent Italian restaurant used to be. I'll check my physical menus and get back to you.

          1. I guess they got booted out. See this article Another condo on the way. Sorry!