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West Side -Indus Valley - opinions?

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When Indus Valley restaurant opened on 100 Street and Broadway, we thought it was excellent - way above other West Side Indians. But, after a gap, we've been back twice in the last three months and found that quality has plummeted. Do we try again? What do others think?
Anyone know of an above average Indian restaurant on the West Side?

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  1. I haven't been there for several months. I'm very disappointed to hear that the quality has plummeted.

    1. Try Tandoori North. 96th and Columbus. Haven't ordered a meal from IV for a while but I did order samosas from there (for a surprise birthday party) and they were excellent. I would hate to find that the quality of the food has deteriorated. Perhaps that ugly, very out of place, glass fronted condo is exuding negative energy!

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        Can't find Tandoori North between 97 and 94th on Columbus - is it on Amsterdam or higher on Columbus? Thanks in advance.

      2. I've had great meals there recently...

        1. Hmm. I hope they haven't closed down. Can't find it on menupages. It was on 97th and Columbus where Fiesta Mexicana Dos and then an indifferent Italian restaurant used to be. I'll check my physical menus and get back to you.

          1. I guess they got booted out. See this article http://www.gothamgazette.com/communit.... Another condo on the way. Sorry!

            1. I would give Indus Valley another shot. I'm not a fan of Royal K and K (dingy to the extreme IMHO); the less said about Calcutta and Bengal Cafe the better; and Indian Cafe always gives me heartburn. If Tandoori North is gone, then IV is all that's left.

              1. Tandoori North was gone but is (almost...) back. It's reopening on 94th between Amsterdam and Broadway! Should be open by Valentine's day...

                1. i went to indus valley just two weeks ago. i remembered it being very good when it first opened but i had never been back. the food doesn't draw me for whatever reason. anyway, since they are owned by the folks who own one of my favorite indian restaurants (earthen oven on W72 and Columbus), i figured i'd try them again. i have recently read a couple of reviews claiming indus was not as good as it had been in the past .

                  in my opinion, everything tasted the same as earthen oven with exception to the chicken tikka masala. it wasn't bad at indus but the CTM at earthen oven is so smooth and creamy that i just die when i eat it . does anyone have an explanation for the difference? apparently, there is a different chef at earthen oven who prepares the ctm very differently. i don't know enough about indian food to insist one is better than the other but the taste of the ctm at earthen oven appeals to me far more than it does at indus valley. the chutneys at both places are to die for. never tasted chutneys like that anywhere especially the sweet/sour chutney i could finish the entire serving myself.

                  my friend, who has been to indian liked the food here but did not love it. the roti was very good. i've had better poori but it is good.

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                    I haven't been to Earthen Oven but did go back to Indus Valley for dinner around the same time you did, and I thought my meal was very good and the same as ever.

                  2. Indus Valley is just ok in my book. If you like South Indian, try Masala Garden on 79th. They're newish, I like 'em a lot.

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                        79th, between Amsterdam and Broadway. With the arrival of Hampton Chutney, Indian (or Indian-ish) food on the west side is looking better!

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                          i tried masala garden a few months ago when it first opened. i thought it was good but prefer earthen oven by far. swagat is also another good place it's a lttle cheaper which makes it a decent alternative. service is also good but i'm finding it hard to eat indian food anywhere else but earthen oven.

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                            Masala Garden update: the last two times I've had it, it's gotten way worse. It was really wonderful when it first opened (excellent, crispy, thin, but non-greasy dosas, perfectly spiced aloo tikki, great veggie jalfrazee). The last two times have been awful. I think in part, they are not really equipped to handle the current volume of customers. Didn't think Swagat was all that great, but really do like Earthen Oven despite the fact that I'm far more partial to S. Indian.

                    1. Hi Fluffy. I think that Indus Valley's a bit uneven. But I am addicted to their chicken tika masala. I recommend it highly.