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Dec 13, 2006 12:36 PM

Mostarda di Frutta Candita

While in Rome recently, I picked up several cans of mostarda – essentially glacéed fruit in a sugar syrup flavoured strongly with mustard. It's been a real hit with various friends, and I wonder whether anyone has seen it for sale in T.O. It would make a great Christmas present (and it would go beautifully with turkey...)

The brand I got in Rome actually comes from Cremona, where it's made by Dondi.

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  1. I'm pretty sure it is imported by Brunello Imports. Call them (411) and ask who the retailers are.

    1. My dad just got a whole bunch of mostarda from a cheese place near steeles and albion; I believe its grande cheese or something. Its the one in the same plaza as TAZ clothing and next to SIL VOUS PLAY sports. He's sending some to Montreal for friends and we're keeping some!

      1. Thanks for the tips. I'll see what I can find.

        1. Catch fine foods carries it, Massimo Capra mentions it in Maclean's unable to find place so far.

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            are you actually looking for it? cheese boutique has some, just happened to glance at it while sampling cheeses. not sure where else it can be found, alimento on king might be a good source.

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                i was in alimento a few days ago and they had the mostarda, the brand i'm not sure. call around! italian fine food stores are plentiful in toronto.

          2. Pusateri's on Avenue Road has 4 or 5 flavours of it. I've always been tempted, but never tried it.

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              Bought 3 flavours there and one at the Cheese Boutique sweet and hot, great on duck or fried chicken. Worth trying.