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Dec 13, 2006 12:17 PM

Furi Knives--OK Product Despite Ms. Ray's Endorsement?

Any product sporting a celeb endorsement usually trips my on-board BS sensors but these knives appear to be OK. Any experince with either the plastic-handled or "Coppertail" versions of Furi blades? Thanks, as usual.

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  1. Sorry I don't have the copper tail or plastic ones but Furi has been the top knife in Australia way before Rachel Ray was remotely popular. I have a set (knives + sharpener, that I got for just $79!) and I just love them! I have the all steel ones and the handles are designed so that they will never be slippery. I've never had a slipage problem and the edges hold the shrapness very well.

    I have their knife sharpener too and I hone my knife almost before each use. My Furi knives are the best bargain in my kitchen so far!

    1. I have a Furi and like cti98, had it long before RR. Also have one of their cleavers and it's also outstanding. Both are the all steel type, not a "copper tail" or whatever else. No slippage either.

      1. I've had the Furi 10 in Santoku type knife for 2 years and it is great. No problems, stays sharp, too. Great knife.

        1. I have owed the RR sandoku Grip edge knives for 5 years now, and everyone that uses them ask me where I got them. Mind you, I sharpen them with the Furi Edge system that I've also owed for a while and my Furi knives are still my favorite items in my kitchen!!!!

          1. from cooking cache:

            Furi Knives: Furi offers several lines and the knife we tested was the Rachael Ray Knife with gusto grip model FUR827. This is an exceptionally mediocre knife. The orange handle is poorly fitted and uncomfortable to hold. The blade was dull out of the box and we found rusting issues on the blade. The overall quality of the steel used does not seem to be very good since the knives don't hold an edge very long even after we professionally re-sharpened the knives. A general rule of thumb is to avoid products that are marketed by a celebrity. In this case we think you would be well advised to heed this advice. Overall we give this knife a D.

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