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Dec 13, 2006 12:12 PM

Restaurant Supplier in DC area that allows the public?

I'm tired of paying high prices for cheap gizmos at Sur La Table, and those linens stores. Are there any restaurant supply places open to plain old cooks like me?

I know there's a place on Eisenhower Avenue in Alexandria, but they require you to be a professional in order to even get in the door.

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  1. Not in DC, but in Glen Burnie there is a place if you're ever in the area - I think it's called Wagner & Sons next the the Anne Arundel County Farm Store on 8th Avenue between B&A Blvd and Rt. 2

    1. Three Brothers Restaurant Supply is what your looking for - professional grade cooking supplies at low prices (it's also a good place for ingredients). You might even combine the trip with a visit to El Tapatio just 2 blocks down the street. Shellfish soup and goat tacos are standouts.

      Three Brothers International, Inc.
      4811 Kenilworth Avenue, Suite 2
      Hyattsville, MD 20781
      (301) 779-2146

      1. Best Supply (413 Morse NE) in the Florida Avenue Market is terrific. 202-544-2525
        Pots, dishes, glassware, cleaning supplies, etc. Great prices.
        Keeps wholesale hours but worth the trip.
        While you're there, explore the Market. Lots of vendors willing to deal with the public. There are other shops selling dry goods, Asian foods, produce, fish, poultry, meat.
        Litteri's Italian Market is at 513 Morse, NE - terrific prices on olive oil, pasta, wine, cheese.
        DC Farmers'Market building has stalls selling a wide variety of things including African and Caribbean products, halal meats.

        This is DC's historic food wholesale market. It is being threatened by a development plan pushed by Mayor Williams and approved by the city council. The plan is being opposed by merchants, preservationists and many neighborhood groups.

        1. Is there parking near the wholesale market? I am hesitant to drive into the city if I don't know I can park- but I'd love to go!

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            Most of the stores have spaces right in front of them. There are a lot of big trucks earlier in the morning as it is a real wholesale market but fewer as the day goes on.
            I've been shopping the Market since the 70s and love it. Especially when I entertain and want to buy in bulk, but I make regular small purchases there as well. We're all terrified of losing it to development.
            Many of the big suppliers have moved out of DC. Some of the city flower wholesalers are nearby. You generally do need a license to shop the flower market however.

            The market is safe although it may be a bit overwhelming at first. Figure out how to get there - mapquest or something - it's literally within sight of the US Capitol Building and near Union Station.

          2. You'll find a parking space, don't worry. There's always room, and if you're not familiar with the Market, just relax and don't mind getting lost or confused - you can't go very far, and everything is within sight. Nice people, too.

            Like the poster said, do NOT miss Litteri's - by far a true Italian market, just like the one my Nonno owned about a hundred years ago. Check out their cheese and cold cuts in the back, and the guys who work there - real characters who love giving tasting samples to people who aren't familiar with the goods.

            You are going to get what you want, I'll bet, but, boy, are you going to have fun!!!!