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Dec 13, 2006 11:20 AM

fussy eaters

I am helping my boyfriend to make a dinner for 8 people on friday. 6 of us will eat anything. however I have one friend who won't eat dairy, meat, or shellfish and my boyfriend won't eat mushrooms or aubergine. What can I cook?

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  1. I would cook for the other 6 in mind first and the provide lots of veggie dishes,salads, casseroles, breads etc. for the fussy ones. No need to go crazy IMO.

    1. It looks like something leguminous would be appropriate, and, with no meat to sweeten the bean, I would go Indian. I make a vegan chana masala, although it's better with a swirl of butter at the end, that's tasty and dead easy. If you're interested, let me know and I can dig up the recipe at home.

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        i was thinking something vaguely north african. a warm cous-cous (could use the larger grain sicilian type, too) chock-full of parsley, mint, lemon, tomato, nuts, golden raisins, watercress, chick peas... a roasted pepper salad... a carrot and pomegranate soup... phyllo pockets of spinach and feta...

      2. Thankyou, yeah I think I will go for the cous cous thing adn then have some toher meaty stuff sperate to go with it for the rest of us.

        1. anyone got any other ideas for a north africn kind of thing?

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            I just did a dinner where we had the slow braised Moroccan Lamb from epicurious (very good and easy to braise the night before); cous cous with almonds, garlic, onions, parsley, and olive oil; a tomato, cucumber, onion, mint salad that we dressed and then set next to a bowl of crumbled feta for the dairy people to add to their salad; and then we picked up fresh pitas, falafels (kept warm in the oven), and hummus from a local Middle Eastern place. It worked out really well and pleased the veggies, meat eaters, and non dairy people.

          2. shall I let you know what we had in the end?

            starter - scallops fried in soy and ginger butter.
            aspargus with a melted butter dip
            hot smoked salmon and mango salad

            main - thai green chicken curry with rice
            thai green tofu curry with rice

            desert - mago sorbet with a fruit salad of mango, papaya, lychees and raspberries.