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Dec 13, 2006 07:01 AM

I need to mail pork from Santa Barbara

My sister in Virginia just sent us pork products for Christmas and is requesting something similar from Santa Barbara. Any suggestions? I'm also open to any other Santa Barbara-style food products, besides wine. Thanks all.

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  1. Try the avocado-guacamole pack from Limoneria Fresh:

    There is also a pricey company called Santa Barbara Gift Baskets that can put together primarily local food products:

    1. how about some nice fresh tuna belly (torro) or some of that fantastic santa barbara sea urchin roe (uni) mailed overnight with freezer packs?

      1. I'm afraid that sister and husband are not the fresh fish types, hence their gift of pork to us.

        I've decided to send the avocado pack, what a great suggestion! I've seen the Santa Barbara Gift Baskets Co. before but thought that it was an awful lot of money to spend for a basket of lavosh and jerkey and bottles water.

        1. Another suggestion would be to go to Lazy Acres and or Tri County Produce and make your own basket of local products.