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Peppermint Bark: TJ's vs. WS

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Does Trader Joe's peppermint bark compare to Williams Sonoma's? I love the one at WS, would like to try (er, my wallet would like me to try) TJ's but I don't want to waste it if it isn't that good.

Let me know! Thanks.

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  1. Haven't had W-S's, but I can tell you I didn't like TJ's chocolate covered version.

    1. I had the version from Trader Joe's. It was good. I have only had a little sample piece of the WS, so I'm not the best judge, but I liked it too, so if I were you I would check out the TJ. I don't think it was too different.

      1. Let me throw another one in....I bought some at Target last weekend. $5. It is comparable, though not exactly like WS's, but for $5 who can complain?? It's a dead ringer for Andes mints.

        1. Try the Crate and Barrel version. Love it!

          1. sounds to me like i have a peppermint bark taste-off in the works...

            1. WEEE!!!

              I'm in.

              I love the stuff. I just don't like paying $$$ for it, especially this time of year when I'd rather spend the money on little gifts for friends.

              I was at Costco this weekend and was on a search for it there. No luck. :(

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                if you're lucky to have your peppermints in your local TJ's or Crate and Barrel or Costco, these will all probably be 75% off on the 26th.

              2. There are recipes for it all over the web -- it is very easy to make.

                1. I love peppermint bark and look forward to it every year...love the taste off idea. Anyway this year I've had 3. I tried the bark sold at Peet's...made by Jo's. This one is my favorite. Somehow the white chocolate is light(texture wise) as if some air were incorporated. The dark chocolate layer is very thin. YUM! $5 for 5 squares. I also got the TJ's which I thought was too hard. The flavor is fine and I'm sure I'll eat it all.:) I think its about $10 for 1/2 lb. Finally I've had a local brand which is somewhere between these 2. I've had the WS in the past and I think its slightly better than the TJ's but I suppose that could change from year to year.