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Dec 13, 2006 05:19 AM

Late Night Bargains at Chinese Restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley?

I keep hearing that many Chinese restaurants have late-night dinner specials...example, reduced price menu after 9pm on weekdays, etc. I was wondering if anyone knew of any quality Chinese restaurants in Alhambra, Monterey Park, San Gabriel or neighboring areas that have such deals...if someone could post names of restaurants and addresses, I'd appreciate it!

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  1. Usually, the restaurants serve their "lunch specials" during the late night hours.

    Most of the restaurants have such specials:

    Garden Cafe on Valley Blvd in Alhambra (I think they serve the lunch menu at that time)

    NYC on Garvey in Monterey Park

    New Capital Seafood on Garvey by Del Mar

    1. If you go to Dragon Mark... beware. They have 3 menus. Their main, bound volume, is only good till 11 or so. Once Shifu leaves, he's gone. The xiaojies 'll try to prod you into ordering quickly if you show up at this time. For late night, they have 2 menus: both are on 1/2 sheets (letter), sushi style. One is pretty decent... has a condensed congress of their primetime offerings like various pastries, soups, and meat dishes. The other menu, which I'll call the take-out menu, is pretty bad. Avoid it at all costs; don't be lured by the attractive 'late night special' prices. These are combo meals that come with rice and soup (sweet and sour). The selection is way worse than any SGV heat lamp place. You'll be looking at gongbao, zuogongji (General X's Chicken), etc., etc. Friend tried the yuxiangjiding (fish fragrance diced chicken or whatever), which was watery and bland. The soup was OK though. So, if you go... make sure you order from the non-combo menu which is 1/2 way decent IMO.