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Dec 13, 2006 04:55 AM

Boulevard - What do you LOVE on the menu?

Planning a long awaited trip to Boulevard this week. Am interested in hearing what you have enjoyed there in the past.


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  1. Love anything from the wood burning oven. Lamb is always outstanding and she does a great job with pork, normally an oversized chop.

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    1. re: rtmonty

      Agreed - when we were there last, the lamb and duck were amazing. I remember starting with some kind of crudo appetizer and thinking it was weak, and wishing I stuck with the rabbit starter I was looking at.

    2. Boulevard has always been known for their pork entrees. I've had them at least a dozen different ways, and they've always been outstanding. I also love their soups and their desserts.

      1. I was there Sunday night and loved the pork chop, the veal tenderloin, the wild mushroom bisque and the wild boar ravioli. The other two dishes we shared were the skate appetizer and the escolar, which were also very very good but those meaty flavors were what did it for me. It they still have the pear crepes with the oloroso sherry ice crea, order that, it was fantastic!

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        1. re: Armoise

          Over the holidays I had the wild boar ravioli and the pear crepes too, and I agree with you - delicious! I had the butterfish for my entree and it was fabulous as well. I live in LA, but I go to Boulevard every Christmas and it is consistently wonderful!

        2. Hits - seared foie gras, anything with pork, any meat from the wood fire oven (especially the lamb)

          Misses - soups, salads, desserts

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          1. re: Morton the Mousse

            Agree the pork chop's terrific -- have a great time -- check out the tiled sign on the corner!

          2. Sweetbreads are often on the menu, and they are reliably delicious.