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Dec 13, 2006 03:07 AM

Anyone been to Tofu Cabin in Foster City?

I have timid colleagues who won't go to a newly opened place, despite our deep love and familiarity with Korean places. So. Has anyone eaten here yet? If no, I may have to go all by my lonesome and then show my workmates that I am surviving...

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  1. Is it in the same strip as Marina Market?

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    1. So we tried to go today, I got everyone to ratchet up their courage, and guess what. It was full! Waiting lines! Oh the torture! We vow to return tomorrow. We heard in the line that this is Myung Dong Tofu Cabin as is the Santa Clara one but don't know if that is true....

      1. OK. Today we got there at 11:30am. No problem getting a seat. Two people had beef tofu stew, one had pork, one (me) vegetable. One had be bim bap.

        In a word. Delicious. Not the cheapest ever, soups were $8.99 and be bim bap was closer to 11.00. But the beginning stuff was great. Kimchi was very high quality cabbage, spicy but some sweet taste. Also had 2 kind mushrooms, fried potatoes in a crust that taste a little like vinegar, pickled bean sprouts and those really spicy turnips or whatever they are. All fresh, spicy, and each tasting like itself.

        Tofu stew? Well mine was delicious. Soft tofu with a cracked egg in it, carrots and zucchini. The broth was super flavorful - I got medium hot - and just spicy enough. And you could taste the sweetness of the carrots and zucchini which were just crisp tender...

        Yum. Everyone else said theirs was really good too. Even the rice was good.

        1. I was there a few days ago on a cold day while doing Christmas shopping. Loved the food and ask about when the Korean BBQ would be ready and was told as soon.

          Had the tofu seafood hot bowl, mild verison and add my own heat.