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Dec 13, 2006 02:43 AM

Italian Market Shopping/Food questions

I'd like to get into the holiday spirit, and spend Saturday in the Italian Market area. What time do most food stores close in the area? Any recs for good food shopping (mainly prepared items, or uncooked pasta, etc)? I'd also like to get cannolis from Iscaro's..what time do they close? Do they run out of cannolis frequently?

Any recs for a superb, not too expensive after shopping? Thanks!

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  1. OK, the Italian Market that you're referring to is mostly located on 9th St between Washington and Christian. There is of course spill-over. Keep in mind that Saturday has the largest selection of fruits and veggies of the week and will therefore be the most crowded. The fruit and veggie stands are open until they run out, but if you're interested in those things get there early. Like 9-10 am.

    However, it appears you're more interested in prep foods and pastas. There are several shops that carry fresh pasta such as Superior on Christian and uhhh...the other one close to DiBruno Bros. Speaking of which, DiBruno's and Claudio's have the olive oils, cured meats, cheeses, etc., with the nodd going to DiBruno's for the slightly higher end items. DiBruno's also run Pronto which is all prepared foods including sandwiches, soups, etc. These shops should all be open until 4pm at least, although I wouldn't really want to get there any later.

    Can't help you with Isgro's since I prefer a different shop, but of course with any bakery, earlier is better.

    Not sure if I understand the end of your post, but if you're looking for a good dinner, the area is briming with all kinds of places, most within walking distance or a short drive. I'm sure others could give you more concrete advice. My favorite is Pif, but I don't think that's quite what you're looking for.

    good luck and feel to ask for clarification, etc.

    1. Hi-thanks for the recs. I meant to write "dinner" after shopping. Am looking to go to an Italian place for dinner, some place more casual than Pif. I go to DiBruno's in C.City almost every day so I'd love to try different stores in the Italian Market. What place do you prefer for cannolis?

      1. For dinner you might want to try Ralph's or Villa Di Roma. Ralph's is more upscale if you can call it that since they have waiters and Villa Di Roma is more like a tavern with waitresses. Both serve honest red gravy Italian dishes. Cannoli's can be had at Termini's and Vallaro's, although I much prefer Isgro.
        Have fun!

        1. If you're familiar with DiBruno's I would check out the neighbor down in the Italian Market, Claudio's, they are similar but have better prices and make thier own Mozz nextdoor. I adore thier house label balsamic. For pasta I tend to like Talluto's, but Superior Pasta has some very good items as well. Cannolis would be Isgro's in my opinion however Termini's are very good as well, try the homemade torrone at whichever place you choose. You're best bet is to call and ask them when they think they'll be open until, I honestly don't know because I get down there so stinkin early. Italian dinner would be the above mentioned, there are also 2 good, inexpensive, and casual Mexican joints right in the market if you decide on something else. La Lupe and Taquiera La Veracruzana.