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Eating (by CHOICE!) a Swanson Frozen Chicken Pie. Anybody Else?

So is there anybody else out there who really craves Swanson frozen chicken and turkey pot pies? They're coagulated! Yes. They're gooey. Yes! They're pretty much tasteless. Yes! And yet there's something comforting about them to me. Maybe it's the pop them in the oven and an hour later they're done when I'm worn down after work.

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  1. I don't want to give you a hard time, but I ate those growing up and have NO desire to eat them again. Your description is apt. Gooey, starchy. Ewwww. And those little cubed carrots with no flavor at all...

    1. you gotta try the claim jumper ones. they're great for microwavable pot pies. amazing good and i don't usualy eat that stuff.

      1. I'm with you oakjoan. A great childhood memory for me. I always liked the flavor too, so not tasteless to me. Perfect for cold Chicago winter nights of my (misspent) youth.

        1. Haha, I too remember eating many of those things as a kid and I loved them. Admittedly, I haven't eaten one in a very long time and although they wouldn't be as good at the steak pies I can get around here they would certainly bring back memories.

          1. I love the chicken pies! The original round ones, not the Hungry Man style. I would poke my fork around the edge of the pie, then pull off the pleated crust edge and eat that first. Then I'd eat the top crust mixed with the filling, and save the best for last: the rest of the crust that lined the shell, which by that time was nicely soaked with the coagulated broth/juice. Then sigh, the pie would be all gone. I don't think they are tasteless, though - all that salt in them must numb your tastebuds, lol.

            1. Oakjoan,
              I too ate them as a child but only on Friday or Saturday nights when my parents would be going out and a sitter was keeping me.
              I always knew that my parents had a night out coming when I saw the Swanson in the freezer.
              Maybe it was seperation anxiety, maybe it was the fact that my older sister could get even with me for all my accumulated atrocities, but those chicken pot pies gave, and still give, me the willies.

              1. I haven't heard or thought of those pies for about 25 years. Loved em as a kid and I'm sure I ate at least a few through grad school. Would love to try one again on a future visit to the US. I guess I would find them salty; and do they actually take an hour to bake?

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                  IIRC, they take about 40 minutes, but between pre-heating the conventional oven and a short rest (the goopy filling stays lava-hot for a while), it's going to be at least an hour from start to finish.

                  1. re: ricepad

                    They make them microwaveable now - crust actually comes out somewhat ok. I picked one of the beef ones up for curiousity sakes since I used to eat them as a kid.

                    Yaaayyy! Now I can burn my tounge and roof of my mouth in less time than it used to take. Still tastes the same as I remembered - freezer burnt with hard bits of "meat" and undercooked peas and carrots.

                    1. re: LStaff

                      I've tried the microwaveable ones, and I still prefer using a regular oven because the crust seems to come out better...browned, flakier, and not as gummy as when nuked.

                      Who am I kidding, tho...it's still just a frozen pot pie!

                      1. re: ricepad

                        Would you people send me (Cali, Colombia) some?

                    2. re: ricepad

                      Au contraire, my dear frere: The Swanson turkey or chicken pies take 70-80 minutes and one must put foil around the edge of the crust as well.

                      I don't own a microwave and so have no idea how long they take to microwave. I know the oven procedure by heart after all these years. I actually prefer the turkey pot pies now.

                  2. Went through a childhood comfort food phase a few years back and these were a big part of it! I think they're actually pretty decent, so there! Also in the diet were chef boyardi meat ravioli, kraft m&c and white castles...tho those were not part of my childhood, they somehow fit. Oh, and hotdogs. Lol.

                    1. I liked them as a kid but I had one a couple of months ago...not good. The microwaveable crust is way worse then I remember, looks like some odd composite. It was so bad I did buy a Marie Calendar's pot pie the next week and it was pretty good. It had you cook the pie in a original box OPENED...keeps the crust okay in the MW. Closer to what I remember as a kid.

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                      1. re: ML8000

                        That was my complaint too. The crust is just nasty and not flaky as it used to be with the old Swansons.

                        1. re: Candy

                          IMO, Swanson was way outdone by MORTON's Pot Pies, chicken & turkey of course!

                          We had a special oven that baked the top to blackness within five minutes, then took another half-hour to cook through. Beautiful.

                          1. re: Candy

                            Well, in the oven baked Swanson's the crust is pretty good... although still gummy on the bottom. The top crust is flaky and buttery.

                            Who would ever want to microwave a pot pie? Or a pie of any kind? Guaranteed gumminess, no? Unless, of course, you MUST eat in less than 80 minutes.

                          2. re: ML8000

                            Just had a Marie Calendar PP a few days ago. Not bad in a microwave
                            and better than Swanson's.

                          3. Add me to childhood memory lane. I loved them. started w the rounds and graduated to the rectangulars. Swanson is the only recipe i know that was double-crusted.

                            Client lunch yesterday at a very high end resto in NY. The special of the day was chicken pot pie. Now we are talking Waldorf Astoria. Being a true chowhound, instead of anything else on the menu I went Pot Pie. IT WAS OUTSTANDING!!

                            Flaky crust, outstanding moist chicken, fingerling potatoes not too thick a sauce. It was also very easy to conduct a conversation with theis either on my fork or in my mouth.

                            I just love this dish and order whenever possible. I won;t try the swanson in the freezer though cause every thing else I have tried from my youth is just not as good in reality versus memory. I want to keep the good memories i ntact.

                            1. I loved this as a kid too! Have you ever had them with some canned corn? I don't know why she did this, but my mother used to always heat up some corn for us to load into our pie - we loved the combo.

                              1. We used to eat those, and put the pans on the floor for the cats to finish off. Then I noticed that the cats wouldn't touch the "chicken" or "turkey". They cleaned the goo off, just as they did the peas. That's when it occurred to me that they're probably not actually *chicken* pot pies. Haven't had one since.

                                Did used to eat the pot pies at Boston Market when the chain was new and still good.

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                                1. re: Loren3

                                  Er, so you are contending that, even though it SAYS chicken or turkey in the ingredients, the evil minds at Swanson have lied and replaced them with strontium 90 or cardboard or somesuch? I'm not standing up for these pies as nutritionally good or even really tastingly good. They just fill some hole inside me every once in a while...sort of like a Hebrew National Hot Dog inside a fried corn tortilla with hot sauce and some green onion.

                                2. Once they made them "microwavable" they became worthless.

                                  Marie Calenders are even worse if thats possible!

                                  (probably because they charge so much for the slop)

                                  Swansons used to be quite tasty with a nice flakey crust.

                                  30ยข a pie

                                  Reds frozen tamales were very tasty too!

                                  1. A year ago, when I was trying to help my 2 y.o.daughter gain weight (as a preemie, she was tiny), I served her these high-calorie pot pies a few times. She didn't really care for them; I tried a few bites and found the gelatinous filling distasteful and the chicken bits tough.

                                    I'm sure a homemade or gourmet pot pie would actually be tasty in comparison

                                    1. My culinary challenged grandmother would feed me Swansons pot pies when she watched me from 3-4 yo(Grandma's daycare). She had a little toaster oven, and I even became adept at making them myself: turn on toaster oven, open box, prick pie top with fork, throw in oven, wait.

                                      I do like the Marie Callendars pot pies. I had a few while I was pregnant, but now they're the first thing to go on my post-preg diet. I guess if I'm ever in need of 1100 cals/31g fat I know where to turn....

                                      1. Many years back, a friends "chowhound" (mutt) dug a Swanson's Chicken Pot Pie out of thier trash can. It must of been rotten, since he lay there for a day without moving.
                                        His stomach made so much noise that we recorded it in stereo.

                                        Every time I think about buying a frozen chicken pot pie, I just play that recording of Barney's stomach!