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Dec 13, 2006 02:03 AM

Food gift for remote non-foodie co-workers?

Here's a question designed to stump my fellow 'Hounds. I'd like to get gifts for the folks in my work group (I know, terribly old-fashioned!). And of course, I'd like them to do have the side effect of introducing them to some interesting (but accessible) new food. Here's the catch(es):
1. Pretty diverse group, and not all of them are "foodies" (although there aren't any significant dietary restrictions, and they're all good sports)
2. They all live too far away from me for me to just hand them something, so it needs to be mailable.

Basically, that comes down to something mail order or a gift card for someplace good that ships. I considered sending them gift cards from my favorite place (Zingerman's Deli, Ann Arbor), but thought that was too specific and maybe not fun for everyone. I'd like to spend $25 or so per person and I'd it to arrive by X-Mas. How's that for a challenge?

Any great ideas? Thanks for helping out a fellow "Hound at work"!

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  1. Cookies - some traditional, but a few different kinds to expand their horizons. I don't know anyone who would say "no thanks" to at least one cookie with their coffee or tea. There are also some up and coming chocolatiers creating some great new chocolate concepts using savory and spicy components. Traditional, but left of center. What a thoughtful colleague you are!

    1. Jams/jellies/preserves/conserves/pickles/relishes/honeys...jarred stuff that's easily shipped. Especially nice if it reflects your region of the country and/or something your co-workers can't buy at their locations (local buying is good for this gift - try your farmers' market).

      Keeps well, looks pretty, and is special when it's from a thoughtful someone.

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        I like this idea! I would be afraid that anything perishable might get lost in the shuffle with all the *junk* that is around most offices at Christmas time. It would just be sad if they ignored your special chocolates in favour of the Pot O Gold ya know?

      2. Do you live in Cincinnati? How about some local products?
        Graeter's makes good candy.
        They make fabulous ice cream which they do ship but I think their minimum is $50. Worth checking. Someone sent it to me and it was really fun to get ice cream by FedEx.
        Esther Price candy is made locally but I've never tasted that.
        You could sent Buckeyes which I've always thought were cute and tasty.
        Some Cincinnati chili?
        One of your favorite local places probably ships.
        Sending something from your hometown is a little more personal than just another gift food item.

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