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Dec 13, 2006 01:42 AM

If not Le Pigeon, then where?

I posted a message yesterday regarding Le Pigeon/Simpatica...looks like we'll need to go with
Plan C. Any suggestions? Top 5 restaurants in PDX?

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  1. Is there some reason why? What disqualified Le Pigeon? I assume Simpatica is out because they're booked. Want to be able to give you useful suggestions.

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    1. re: extramsg

      Le Pigeon is closed the only evening we can go.
      Simpatica is booked.

      1. re: photoandchef

        Stylistically, I'd say a place like Park Kitchen or Clarklewis. However, my last two meals at PK were a bit underwhelming, though still good. And my last meal at Clarklewis was inconsistent and I've heard some rumblings about quality since they lost their chef.

        If you don't mind a little fancier place, I would try one of these in order of most local to least local: Wildwood, Alberta Street Oyster Bar, Carlyle, Olea, Hurley's. I think you'd find more interesting food at these than others.

        Oh, and don't forget to check through my tip sheet. There are some useful sections beyond the recs by cuisine:

    2. Fenouil
      1001 new place on Couch & NW 10th
      Great for drinks or dinner.
      ( these are all NW Portland)

      1. Carlyle
        Park Kitchen
        Alba Osteria

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        1. re: JillO

          Hey Jill, did someone get a hold of your keyboard? How'd Park Kitchen end up on your top 5 list? ;-)

          1. re: extramsg

            It seemed like the kind of place they were looking for, even though I don't care for it...

            You know it's not on my top 5 list! ;o)

        2. i'll say what i always say... Navarre

          10 NE 28th

          good pâtés, house-prepared cured meats, and interesting vegetable preparations. and a very reasonable wine list.

          it's like dining in an Asterix book.

          1. How about Fenouil? Had pretty good experiences there.