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Dec 13, 2006 01:19 AM

BCD Tofu House

First time here, very interesting place...never really eat Korean food for some reason or another.

7.99 got me a boiling pot of clams, shrimp and beef in a red sauce that was very spicy. Served with rice + pickled veggies and a small fried fish. Overall, it was an interesting meal that I may try again.

Its open 24 hours...they have several locals in LA, I went to the one on Wilshire just past Western.

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  1. If you like their tofu stew, you should really check out Sokongdong or Beverly Soon Tofu, both on opposite sides of Olympic at Vermont. Neither place gives you the fried fish (the one thing I like about BCD), but Beverly gives you a dish of marinated fresh tofu, very refreshing. Sokongdong has the tiny spicy pickled crabs panchan. The soon tofu stew at both places are decidedly superior over that of BCD, in my opinion.

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      Totally concur... but the fried fish isn't consistent at BCD.

    2. While not all BCDs are 24 hours, the ones I go to are and they're a great place to swing to when I get a craving for Soon & BBQ ribs in the middle of the night. That being said, I'm sure there are better soon tofu out there, but not sure exactly which others are 24hrs or open late nights.


      1. as pointed out above, beverly soon tofu is a step above bcd. if you liked it at bcd, you will love it at beverly. =)

        1. Be advised that BCD does not serve beer.