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Dec 13, 2006 01:05 AM

Please help me find this cheesecake place....

Years ago a coworker brought the most delicious cheesecake to work for an office party. It was plain, but had the most amazing flavor. She said that she got it somewhere in the San Fernando Valley. I know that doesn't help much, but are there any places in San Fernando that are known for their cheesecake? If I remember correctly, it came in a signature box. It was over 10 years ago when I had it, but I still remember it. Can anyone help me out? Any places in the Valley that are famous for their cheesecake? It might be a bakery, but I am not sure.

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  1. This isn't in the valley but is very, very good. They're located at LaGrange and Pontius in West LA. Check out their website:

    1. Hard to say. Could it have been Porto's?

      1. Miss Grace Lemon Cake or Bea's Bakery would be suggestions I might offer, yet not being a cheesecake lover, I am just throwing two darts at places that were around in that time period.

        1. Miss Grace doesn't have cheesecake. Bea's does, but I don't remember it ever being famous for the cheesecake. The black & white cookies, chocolate pudding cake, and delcos, yes; cheesecake, no.

          If it was only 10 years ago, it probably wouldn't have been the Cheesecake Factory. 15 years ago, it might have been. At that time, Cheesecake Factor had not really taken off as a national chain, and was still operating a little take-out storefront in Woodland Hills -- the original location where they made the cakes.

          Some of the delis were known for having very good cheesecakes back then. Fromin's was pretty good. And Solley's carried Cheesecake Factory's.