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Dec 13, 2006 01:02 AM

crescent ridge dairy delivery?

Noticed the glass milk bottles at Russo's the other day from Crescent Ridge. Saw that they do home delivery of milk, butter and lots of other products (include things they don't make). Any experience on their service and quality of products?


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  1. When I was a child growing up we had the home delivery service. I remember the quality of their milk to be top notch. I used to remember going to friends houses and wondering why their milk tasted funny. Unfortunately, I do not drink enough milk these days to warrant the delivery, but if I had a family I would probably look into it. The only thing that I am not a fan of is their ice cream, which I find too rich.

    I am not sure of where you live, but I see their trucks making home deliveries in Brookline so they cover a pretty good area.

    1. They deliver in the suburbs and as close in to the city as Brookline, but unfortunately, they mostly don't deliver in Cambridge or Boston (they cover Hyde Park and West Roxbury, and apparently only some parts of Roslindale, Jamaica Plain, and Brighton.) This is better coverage than they had the last time I looked, but sadly still leaves me disappointed.

      1. I so miss my Crescent Ridge milk delivery. It was really good milk. Plus, you could get other staples like bread, butter, ice cream, juice and other frozen stuff. The service was always consistent and we never had a complaint with any of the quality.

        Ironically, we moved to Vermont and now can't find a milk delivery service.

        1. Their lemonade is really good. Must be 20 years since I had some.

          1. the gentleman i work for gets their home delivery service and thinks they are great. the delivery guy gave him a free gallon of milk to try before he decided to sign up, which i thought was a nice touch (and excellent marketing). the next time you see the truck in your neighborhood, tell the guy that you're interested and see if he'll give you a free sample.