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Dec 13, 2006 12:39 AM

Good source for parmagiano?

Where do you get reliably good quality parmagiano at reasonable prices?

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  1. At Costco, the cheese comes vacuum sealed (I try to pick out the one with palest color-they must hate me) and very good price (I want to say $8.99/lb but my memory is failing me). They also sell a Grano Padano which is $1-2/lb cheaper which can also substituted for things like grated cheese on spaghetti.

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      Before 9/11 when the shipping charge was really cheap, I used to order my parmigiano reggiano direct from Peck in Milano (they have absoulutely the best!) After 9/11 the shipping charge went up to $70 so I stopped ordering from them.

      One day I'm at my bro's place and he has this big ole chunk of PR that looks like it came from Peck. I yelled, "where did you get this?!" and he said Costco! If it looked and tasted like it came from Peck you know that it has to be good.

      1. re: Bon Vivant

        The RP at Costco is pretty good quality, but when you get some directly from the cheese factory, there is a subtle difference depending on the cheese maker. My hubby's grandma used to live in a tiny town near Berceto and she lived across the street from the cheese factory people who were real artisans. When people visited grandma, they'd pay a visit to the neighbors and they wouldn't take money for the cheese. They are the hardest working, nicest people. Their cheese had this slightly moister, creamer taste than the stuff from Costco. But it's a real subtle difference you have to think about while eating.

        What is interesting is that the people there prefer the young cheese for eating and the stuff for export is the older stuff which is meh for them.

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        I also love the PR from Costco. I love it shaved over salad!

      3. Claro's Italian grocery (several locations) is one option for Italian cheese. Roma Grocery in Pasadena is another, and the proprietor really knows (and loves) the stuff.

        Oh, and they have a raw-milk reggiano at Trader Joe's now that I think ain't half bad.

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          The guy at Roma doesn't like to cut his PR into smaller chunks, so you kind of need to make an investment. That said, the last wedge I had from him was the better part of $20 very well spent...and I'm not really a connoisseur of it, generally quite happy with supermarket wedges.

        2. Bay Cities Italian Deli on Lincoln,in Santa Monica.


            in NY little Italy- You need to call them to get shipped. But the best cheese! and I thought is was very cheap for the huge pieces and how delicious it was.

            1. Surfas has some really nice stuff at a good price... :)