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Dec 13, 2006 12:36 AM

Client dinner in Philly

Please recommend a restaurant in Philly (downtown or Center City) that would be a good place to host 25 or so clients. We are looking for a restaurant that is upscale (around $35-$50 pp) and preferably has an Asian bent.

To give you an idea of what we are looking for, in NYC, we normally have our client dinner at Ruby Foo's Uptown.

One must - it must be a restaurant where you don't have to scream to be heard to talk to one another.


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  1. If on a weeknight--Budakkan is good. Susanna Foo is excellent but may be too expensive. Tangerine is also excellent, and I've attended a very high-end business function there. They did a prixe fixe dinner for us. Non-Asian option is Alma De Cuba which also often hosts business dinners upstairs--good upscale Cuban Food in Center City.

    1. Long's Gourmet Chinese:

      They have a lovely dining room and serve quality asian with gourmet dishes including ingredients not normally found in traditional chinese restaurants. It is byo.

      1. I haven't been in a while, but Buddakan has a second floor that you can probably rent out for a group - I've done it in the past for slightly larger groups. They can serve family style which works out very well as your clients can try a lot of different things off their excellent menu.

        1. As a former sales exec, I can assure you that perception is as important as reality. When your clients see the prices at Long's they will think your cheap no matter the quality. The most expensive entree is like 13 bucks and you have to bring your own wine. Not a good investment of your time. For your price range, Buddakan would be fine although all Starr resturants have a problem with sound. If this is a business deal and you were working for me, I would "encourage" you to go to Susanna Foo.

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            Yep I agree that Long's doesn't have the snob appeal of a Susanna Foo and if the object is to impress it's best to go somewhere else. My focus was on the need for quiet atmosphere and good food with an asian slant. They have a lovely dining room and great food. If it were me I would go there and bring in some fabulous wines which are sure to impress.

            Alternatively you might consider nan in west philly. It is a small restaurant tho and the group would probably book the entire place.

            Also Siri's in Cherry Hill for french asian fusion. Also byo.

            Brasserie Perrier has private rooms upstairs which are very nice for a group but it is not asian.

            Since Philly really isn't known for asian cuisine why not try a nice Italian place?

          2. Thanks, everyone. We also held a client dinner at the NYC Buddakan and yes, it was noisy. A few years back we had our dinner at POD and the food was excellent, but it was definitely noisy, not to mention the decor literally left us in the "cold."

            Keep the recommendations coming...