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Dec 13, 2006 12:09 AM

Olive oil cookies - is there such a thing?

Mr. Tastebud (the hubby) expressed an interest in making olive oil cookies for this year's cookie tray. He's all gung-ho about cutting back on butter, and I want to encourage this enthusiasm.

Does anyone have a recipe for a sweet cookie made with olive oil?

I found this recipe for Scourtines (French olive cookies), but somehow I don't feel that cured olives are very Christmas-y.

Any other ideas?


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  1. There are many Spanish cookies, pastries, and cakes made with olive oil. I love mantecados de aceite. I'll try to dig up some recipes tomorrow and post them.


      This is our go to source for olive oil recipes. Scroll to bottom for baking cookies, cakes, etc.

      1. The Martha Stewart Baking Handbook has these delicate-looking cookies called (I think) Seville olive oil wafers. They have some fennel and sesame seed in them and look delicious! I hope to make them before I return the book to the library.

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        1. re: Carb Lover

          Ooh, I'd love to get that recipe. We had those in Andalusia last year, and they're delicious. They aren't really cookies, though.

          1. re: Nettie

            The picture makes them look like a very thin cookie (more like a cracker, actually) and I imagined the flavors to be sorta savory w/ a touch of sweetness. I'll paraphrase it later for you when I have more time.

            1. re: Carb Lover

              Thanks! The ones that I had are tortas de aceite, which are described here:

        2. I have never made a cookie with EVOO, but Esposito on her Ciao Italia website has a recipe for chocolate cake that uses EVOO:

          my only complaint is that the OO is more expensive than butter, plus the flavor is identical to that using butter. Otherwise, I like the cake.

          1. Everyone raves about Batali's olive oil gelato; anyone have that recipe?

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            1. re: SusanSDG

              I can give you an olive oil ice cream recipe. It's not Batali's but it's really very interesting.

              1. re: SusanSDG

                found this online this summer, right after i sampled the Batali Olive Oil gelato at Otto. this is from the Babbo cookbook, so i assume it's "the" Batali Olive Oil Gelato recipe.



                1. re: charlie_b

                  If you do make olive oil gelato, be sure to mix in some sea salt when serving. Takes it over the top.

                  1. re: charlie_b

                    I've never seen that recipe (tho it may be the one I went looking for when I found the other). It's interesting because the one I have is so similar but it's called "ice cream" while this one is "gelato". The one I have has a little more sugar, a little less olive oil and the addition of citrus juice. The milk, cream, egg cocktail is the same. I wonder what the difference really is between ice cream and gelato.