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Dec 13, 2006 12:09 AM

Olive oil cookies - is there such a thing?

Mr. Tastebud (the hubby) expressed an interest in making olive oil cookies for this year's cookie tray. He's all gung-ho about cutting back on butter, and I want to encourage this enthusiasm.

Does anyone have a recipe for a sweet cookie made with olive oil?

I found this recipe for Scourtines (French olive cookies), but somehow I don't feel that cured olives are very Christmas-y.


Any other ideas?


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  1. There are many Spanish cookies, pastries, and cakes made with olive oil. I love mantecados de aceite. I'll try to dig up some recipes tomorrow and post them.

    1. http://www.oliveoilsource.com/recipes...

      This is our go to source for olive oil recipes. Scroll to bottom for baking cookies, cakes, etc.

      1. The Martha Stewart Baking Handbook has these delicate-looking cookies called (I think) Seville olive oil wafers. They have some fennel and sesame seed in them and look delicious! I hope to make them before I return the book to the library.

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          Ooh, I'd love to get that recipe. We had those in Andalusia last year, and they're delicious. They aren't really cookies, though.

          1. re: Nettie

            The picture makes them look like a very thin cookie (more like a cracker, actually) and I imagined the flavors to be sorta savory w/ a touch of sweetness. I'll paraphrase it later for you when I have more time.

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              Thanks! The ones that I had are tortas de aceite, which are described here: http://www.inesrosales.com.

        2. I have never made a cookie with EVOO, but Esposito on her Ciao Italia website has a recipe for chocolate cake that uses EVOO:


          my only complaint is that the OO is more expensive than butter, plus the flavor is identical to that using butter. Otherwise, I like the cake.

          1. Everyone raves about Batali's olive oil gelato; anyone have that recipe?

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              I can give you an olive oil ice cream recipe. It's not Batali's but it's really very interesting.

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                found this online this summer, right after i sampled the Batali Olive Oil gelato at Otto. this is from the Babbo cookbook, so i assume it's "the" Batali Olive Oil Gelato recipe.



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                  If you do make olive oil gelato, be sure to mix in some sea salt when serving. Takes it over the top.

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                    I've never seen that recipe (tho it may be the one I went looking for when I found the other). It's interesting because the one I have is so similar but it's called "ice cream" while this one is "gelato". The one I have has a little more sugar, a little less olive oil and the addition of citrus juice. The milk, cream, egg cocktail is the same. I wonder what the difference really is between ice cream and gelato.