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Dec 13, 2006 12:00 AM

Any good UES delivery?

I live in the e.70s and am always trying to find decent delivery. Any suggestions (all cuisines welcome) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Well - sounds like you are in the Sushi of Gari delivery zone! Sorry - I live a bit north of the 70s - two places we use in the 80's/low 90's are Ichiro (sushi) and Chef Ho (chinese).

    1. When I lived in the 70s, we'd order Vincis for pizza. I'd recommend Cork & Fin for sushi and fish & chips. Another favorite of mine was Sabor a Mexico II. There is an organic pizza placed called Slice that delivers too. You should just check to see what restaurants deliver to you! Good luck.

      1. My boyfriend lives on East 78th / 3rd. We love ordering from:

        Chinese - Hunan Delight
        Diner - Yorkville Diner
        Sloppy burgers / ribs - Dallas BBQ :)
        Italian - Bardolino
        Indian - Simla
        Big salads - Googie's
        Small salads / good apps - Vero
        Japanese - Umi

        1. Yes!

          Sushi -- Inase, Gayjamura, Tsuki
          Chinese -- Wu Liang Ye
          Peking Duck -- Chef Ho
          Pizza -- Nick's
          Wings -- Uptown Restaurant
          Thai -- Sala Thai