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Dec 12, 2006 11:52 PM

fussy family group outing: a challenge for chowhounds!

Okay, so here's the scoop: 14 people, including a mom who doesn't like "foreign" food, a brother who is vegetarian, and 4 kids ranging from 1yr to 9yrs old. Where can we go for a group lunch downtown during the Christmas-to-New-Year's week?

I've searched every permutation here, with no luck -- veggie-friendly restaurants that don't do lunch, lunch restaurants that only do steak & burgers, and lunch stands that can't handle 14 at once.

Thanks all~

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  1. tough one- if you're willing to trek over to cambridge, henrietta's table, in the charles hotel would fit the bill. nice salads, big, spacious dining room and menu choices to please all the members of your group.

      1. We had a decent lunch for a fairly large group at that pub on Province St. (someone help me with the name), past Kennedy's. Also Kennedy's itself might work. Not the best ever but many sandwiches and entrees that will appeal to most people. Also the Kinsale across from the Govt. Center T. A little further away would be Beacon Hill Bistro for a nicer spot.

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        1. Stephanie's on Newbury Street... I'm not the hugest fan but it would fit the bill.

          1. I'm not sure if your mother would consider Italian food as foreign but if not, what about somewhere in the North End? Lots of veg options in pasta dishes. Grotto in Beacon Hill also might be a nice option for Italian. There's also a place in Beacon Hill called Scollay Square that can handle bigger groups and has one of those menus with something for everyone.