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Dec 12, 2006 11:26 PM


OK - so my friend's birthday is this weekend and she's looking for a place for brunch on Saturday for 10 people in the Marina del Ray area (could come as far north as Santa Monica, and Venice would also work). Was thinking Rose Cafe... OTHER THOUGHTS? Thanks!

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  1. Sorry to repost so quickly, but I also thought of Joe's in Vencie and One Pico in Santa Monica. Is there something good I'm missing? HELP! :)

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    1. Rose Cafe and Joe's are both good choices, and I always hear great things about the Cafe del Rey brunch, although I've never been. There's also Lilly's, next door to Joe's in Venice. I would pick depending on what kind of experience you have in mind. Joe's and Cafe del Rey are nicer places, and Lilly's is more casual, with Rose cafe the most casual. Haven't been to One Pico, but I beleive that is a pricier option than the other places you mentioned. Anyway, they are all pretty good...I would probably pick Joe's quality to price ratio for brunch, in my opinion.

      1. Had a great brunch with my girfriends at Cafe del Rey in July. It's so convenient as it's prix fixe. so it's easier to calculate each person's share! 3 course is only $28, with champagne, and the food is good (plus a great view of the marina).

        1. I love James' Beach in Venice for brunch. They have great coffee, hot scones, my favorite eggs florentine and yummy mimosas. I've gone lots with just one friend, but have also had a very successful party with 16. No one I've taken has ever been disappointed, and you won't have to break your piggy bank to pay.

          You can sit outside or in. They don't open until later than you think; so make sure you call ahead for a reservation and details.