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Dec 12, 2006 11:10 PM

Mozza -- Batali in DA HOUSE!

Was just at Mozza today for a late lunch -- report to follow.

The big guy himself, Mario Batali, was there, checking all the dishes as they came out. Of course I went up to say 'hi' and tell him how much I'd enjoyed the meal.

I really did.

There's been so much hype on this board about this place (whether or not it's really pizza etc etc)

All I can say is -- our lunch was fantastic and it absolutely lived up to my high expectations. More later...

Mario says he'll be there 'till Thursday, so if you wanna meet the man, here's a chance to do so, and dine well while you're at it.

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  1. Did he mean through Thursday or leaving thursday? Do you know?

    1. Well, that was unclear, but I'd venture to guess through Thurs...

      1. Just called Mozza, but they weren't too sure how long Mario would be in town. "I don't know -- a couple of days, I believe," was the reply, which makes me think through Thurs could be right.

        Hope that helps.

        1. maybe mr batali has the wherewithal to improve the bread with toppings they're serving

          1. Was just there, and yes, Mr. Batali is there standing conspicuously. Cool and all, but I lived in New York for years, and he was often around Otto and such.

            More importantly, I ignored the board consensus and quite enjoyed the Margarita. The arugula salad was fantastic. I highly recommend it. I hate to dissent, but I have to admit that previously I tried the burrata pizza -- people on the board seemed to like it -- and, really, I thought it was disgusting. I just don't find that cold slimy cheese and hot crisp bread mix. That said, they were bringing burrata pizzas by for the staff (who obviously know what's good), so I guess it is personal preference. The wine is great. The energy is even better. Mozza is a wonderful, and desperately needed, addition to LA.