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Dec 12, 2006 11:06 PM

SANYO rice cooker with bibiimbap setting

in the january fine cooking issue, there is a review of high-end rice cookers. one of them, a Sanyo ECJ-F50S, has a dol sot bibimbap setting, where supposedly the rice gets crusty and toasty along the bottom, like rice cooked in the traditional stone pot. i can make perfectly good rice in a pot on a stove, but i've been obsessing over the idea of having a rice-cooker that can give you toasty crunchy rice. does anyone have this machine, or has used one? does it work?

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  1. What an awesome idea! BiBimBap is excellent!

    1. I think it is kind of ridiculous to sell a rice cooker that has as a 'feature' the ability to burn your rice. Dolsut bibimbap is not that hard to make on your own, though it is best made in an actual stone pot (dolsut) that has been heated in the oven to a high enough temp to burn the rice. I cannot imagine that the stone pot would be anywhere near as expensive as the rice cooker, and you have as an added benefit an interesting serving dish.

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        there are other benefits to the machine. if you want to effortlessly make jook, or cook brown, white and other types of rice while focusing your attention on other dishes, these machines are highly useful. plus my mother often uses a rice cooker to make the fermented rice drink shikhye, or even ddokbokki. the benefit there being an even, constant, yet gentle heat level which you can walk away from for a long period of time without worrying. and you don't "burn" the rice for bibimbap. burnt rice is a mistake, and it tastes gross. i'm not so much interested in it to make dolsot bibimbap, because i agree that the stone pot is best and more attractive. but if it can actually toast the bottom layer of plain white rice, with all the conveniences a rice cooker presents, that would appeal to me greatly. and as someone who lives alone, i'm hardly likely to break out a single dolsot pot just to feed myself. i'm already in the market for a rice cooker, since i grew up with one. i'm just curious about the efficacy of this particular option.

      2. Ah...ain't technology great? I don't know about BiBimBap but as a kid my Mom use to take the "crispy rice" from the cast iron pot and put butter on it was GREAT. One of my favorite kid time food memories. I doubt I'd buy a rice cooker to do that but it's nice to know you can. I would be interested in hearing the results however.

        BTW, if you really want it, day old rice in a corningware bake pan in the oven works pretty well. Just mash it down with a little water to make the layering easier and bake around 375.