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Dec 12, 2006 10:54 PM

Trader Joe's potstickers

I went to get some today and an employee told me that the vendor discontinued them! Does anyone have a recommendation for an equally delicious, easy-to-prepare, frozen dumpling? Thanks!

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  1. Wei Chuan brand, a major brand available in most Asian grocery stores, is a good brand with lots of interesting flavors like mustard greens. To think I was getting potstickers at Costco for the longest time. *smacks head*

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      1. re: vsoy

        yeah, i love me some Costco, but the potstickers are sitting in my freezer while I go through about 4 bags from my asian grocery.

        1. re: vsoy

          Wei Chuan offers a large range of dumplings. What types do you find the tastiest?

          1. re: elise h

            All this talk about potstickers, I had me some WC pork and corn dumplings last night. The pork and mustard green ones are not bad either, you can actually get a little bitter taste going on with those. I like these that are listed as their "high end" line:


        2. No more TJ potstickers? That's a bummer. Those were a good product at a good price. Hopefully you have an Asian grocer nearby. If not... Whole Foods has frozen dumplings that are probably comparable- expect to pay big bucks for them, though.

          1. If you have a Whole Foods nearby, then you are in luck because Whole Foods potstickers taste better than Trader Joe's anyways. I buy the chicken/vegetable variety. It's a myth that everything at Whole Foods is expensive...(Whole paycheck and all that blarney)
            A Whole Foods in MA posted a duplicate shopping list, and their prices were lower than Trader's Joes. Trader Joe's has made Whole Foods more price conscious in general.

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            1. re: OverTheHill

              Price them out. The Whole Foods potstickers will be at least double the price- I'm sure of it.

              Whole Foods duplicate shopping 'lists' are a marketing gimmick. I use to work for them. There are certain departments where the mark-up is very small (Dairy is one) and there are some private label products (365) that are competitively priced. That's what they fill these lists with. It's not representative of the whole store- and definitively not representative of the frozen department.

              Unless you're buying milk or 365 peanut butter, it's going to be 'Whole Paycheck.'

              1. re: OverTheHill

                I find the WH version to be less sturdy and fall apart too easily when bolied. Although tasty, I don't even bother buying them anymore.

              2. Interesting. I just bought some tonight, and they were well stocked in veggie, chicken, and shrimp.

                1. Spoke with the manager at TJ's in Needham and asked about the pot stickers. He said the company that formerly made them has gone out of business, however, not before conveying the recipe to a different company that makes TJ's Thai pot stickers. So there should be a continuing supply, with maybe a brief hiccup between the two companies.

                  He further said he has heard people using them for fondue, using peanut oil and defrosted pot stickers, with assorted dipping sauces. Sounds pretty different.