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Dec 12, 2006 10:50 PM

Post Christmas LA to SF Taco Crawl/Ideas?

I'm planning a trip back to the Bay Area post Christmas from LA to Mill Valley.

I'm inspired by the NYT article:

I'm looking for Taco places "not to be missed"--any thoughts?

They list the following:

EL PARIáN 1528 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles; (213) 386-7361.

TACOS BAJA ENSENADA 5385 Whittier Boulevard, Los Angeles; (323) 887-1980.

LA SUPER RICA TAQUERIA 622 North Milpas Street, Santa Barbara; (805) 963-4940.

LILLY’S TAQUERIA 310 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara; (805) 966-9180.

CHAPALA RESTAURANT 2816 Main Street, Morro Bay; (805) 772-4492.

RUDDELL’S SMOKEHOUSE 101 D Street, Cayucos; (805) 995-5028.

TAQUERIA VALLARTA 1101 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz; (831) 471-2655.

TAQUERIA Y MERCADO DE AMIGOS 1999 Pescadero Creek Road, Pescadero; (650) 879-0232.

I've got SF covered...

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  1. I'd try this one:


    1. In Santa Cruz you should switch from Vallarta to La Cabana on Mission just before HWY1 North resumes. Order either the chicharon or the desebrada. You could also try the east side Taqueria Santa Cruz for off the spit al pastor.

      It also seems crazy to drive by Watsonville and not stop. Most of the eating there has been focused on things other than tacos though. There is a market below main st that offers decent tacos if I recall. I'll try to find the name for you.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          As always Melanie, you are the best!

        2. We ate at Chapala a couple of weeks ago, during a trip to Cambria, and found it just okay. Basic, generic, Mexican dive food, no better or worse than 100s of other small restaurants throughout So. Calif.

          The Smokehouse in Cayucos was good, if non-traditional - of course you can say the same for Taco Temple.

          1. In Santa Barbara, of course Superrica - I like the #15 Tocino Special the best: melted cheese and bacon that you scoop into 3 wondrous fresh tortillas - and then add pico de gallo salsa and eat the whole dripping mess with a beatific smile on your face.

            The other Taco place on Chapala Street is cheap but not of much interest unless you just want basic, basic, basic and a nicely local clientele. No real place to sit down, especially if the out door table is full.

            A side trip into Santa Paula's Main Street taking Highway 126 east from 101 has a number of family Mexican restaurants and a small, very local taqueria. Worth the detour because this is very lovely valley and a touch of old small town California.