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Dec 12, 2006 10:38 PM

Best food in and around Hilton Head, SC

DH and I will be vacationing in HH the week between xmas and ny. We would appreciate restaurant recs (along w/the restaurant address if you happen to know it :-). We like all kinds of food but would be especially interested in a Steakhouse and Seafood.


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  1. I would definitely recommend Sea Shack for a great seafood lunch. Not upscale in the least, paper plates and serve yourself soda. We were there on vacation last week and had fabulous grilled grouper sandwiches. The local folks were lined up for takeout. It's off Pope Ave in the Executive Park area. The menu is online at .

    1. The Old Fort Pub is one of the oldest and best restaurants on HHI. There is a beautiful view - so get there early for a cocktail, before the sun goes down.

      Other favorites include:
      Red Fish -

      Hope these help!