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Dec 12, 2006 10:19 PM

New Year's Weekend Dinner - Suggestions?

My husband and I will be visiting Chicago over New Year's weekend. I am trying to find a great dining experience for less than $75 per person (ideally, even less than that, but we'd still like a reasonable ambience), avoiding places that are too pretentious, stuffy, or trendy. Is this even possible? We have eclectic, , fun and adventurous tastes in food! Any suggestions and juicy details will be a real help.

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  1. $75 per person will get you into all but the very highest-end places in town, assuming you don't spend a lot on alcohol.

    There are a lot of excellent restaurants here, in all categories. Can you help us narrow down your needs a bit? If you have a preference for (or against) specific food types, or if one neighborhood is more convenient than another, it will help.

    Also, one thing I have learned from experience is that New Year's Eve is often a bad bet for eating. Restaurants usually serve a "special" menu (with hiked prices) and sometimes have their worst staff working (and being overworked) that night. I have had some of my worst dinners ever on NYE.

    Also note that NYE is on a Sunday. If it works for you, Sunday brunch may be worth considering.