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Dec 12, 2006 10:12 PM

Awesome, affordable restaurant @ Melrose & Highland?


My friend and I want to get a quick, affordable, but delicious meal before seeing a show at Melrose & Highland. Any suggestions on where to go??? We don't exactly want "fast food", but it certainly doesn't have to be too fancy-shmancy either. Larchmont has a bunch of restaurants, but many of them are marginal... any thoughts???

Hi-Fi Chowmaster

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  1. Mozza is right there, but that may still be a tough reservation. Ammo (1155 N. Highland) is pretty close, and reasonably good.

    1. "quick, affordable, but delicious meal" in that general area makes me think of Azami and MCafe.

      1. BLD isn't too far away on Beverly.