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Myrtle Berries

I have a LOT of myrtle fruits, Myrtus communis. I seem to remember them in France or Italy being used as a jam or jelly. It may have been myrtilles, or blueberries, I'm not sure.
Does anybody have a recipe for a jam, jelly, confiture, confit which uses myrtle berries? Thank you.

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  1. According to wikipedia, the berries of mytrus communis are used in Sardinia to infuse in alcohol to make a liqueur.

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      Yes! I just discovered Mirto (the liqueur) in Sardinia last summer. Powerful stuff, but tastes a little like cough syrup!

    2. HI!
      I've been looking for myrtle berries and cannot find them for sale anywhere! Where do you get yours? or do you grow them?

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        I am growing them in Sonoma County, California. The only "trick" I've learned is to give them absolutley sharp drainage.

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          Thanks for responding!
          I don't know if Myrtle would do to well here in Michigan. We have such lovely weather! Are you growing to sell? because I'd love to buy some!

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            May I buy some berries or a tree, I live in Saratoga, Ca . Or where I can order a tree. thanks Jack

        2. I've never seen myrtle made into jelly in Europe... I think they are used more for aromatic purposes: perfume, infusions, liqueur, etc. You can also use other parts of the tree for flavor to roast or smoke meat.

          I do know myrtle shows up a lot in literature and is associated with Venus--maybe it's an aphrodisiac...

          1. If you have a lot of myrtle berries ,where can I get some?

            1. Hi I live in Mallorca Spain and have huge Myrtle trees full of fruit right now. I am searching for a jam or jelly recipes to use up some of the fruit. This is a great year for it and the trees are at their peak right now.
              I have seen jelly in stores in France but never tried it, should have. It is a clear jelly slightly purple, looks great. Jen

              1. I just found a recipe for myrtle berries and am going to try it, Myrtle Jam. Wash and dry 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of myrtle berries. Soak for 12 hours in a container with lemon juice and 800 grams of sugar. Cook with low flame for at least one hour or until it reaches the right consistency. Pour into jars, put lids on and let cool. If you want a thicker jam add pectin.
                I will be trying it soon because my berries are plenty and ready to be picked.

                1. Myrtle Jam is great especially for putting on meat. On toast it's ok for a piece or two but it's fairly astringent. Excellent as a liquor or when infused as a tincture/extract with Grapa.
                  We infuse the berries slightly crushed and allowed to steep overnight then filter.
                  You could taste some now but best is to allow it to age a couple of months, the longer the better as it ages it melds. Excellent for digestion.

                  Perhaps later when the berries are ripe to harvest we'll do youtube video of the process both Jam and drink..