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Dec 12, 2006 09:56 PM

Myrtle Berries

I have a LOT of myrtle fruits, Myrtus communis. I seem to remember them in France or Italy being used as a jam or jelly. It may have been myrtilles, or blueberries, I'm not sure.
Does anybody have a recipe for a jam, jelly, confiture, confit which uses myrtle berries? Thank you.

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  1. According to wikipedia, the berries of mytrus communis are used in Sardinia to infuse in alcohol to make a liqueur.

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    1. re: Louise

      Yes! I just discovered Mirto (the liqueur) in Sardinia last summer. Powerful stuff, but tastes a little like cough syrup!

    2. HI!
      I've been looking for myrtle berries and cannot find them for sale anywhere! Where do you get yours? or do you grow them?

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      1. re: nmuss77

        I am growing them in Sonoma County, California. The only "trick" I've learned is to give them absolutley sharp drainage.

        1. re: Bodegadawg

          Thanks for responding!
          I don't know if Myrtle would do to well here in Michigan. We have such lovely weather! Are you growing to sell? because I'd love to buy some!

          1. re: Bodegadawg

            May I buy some berries or a tree, I live in Saratoga, Ca . Or where I can order a tree. thanks Jack

        2. I've never seen myrtle made into jelly in Europe... I think they are used more for aromatic purposes: perfume, infusions, liqueur, etc. You can also use other parts of the tree for flavor to roast or smoke meat.

          I do know myrtle shows up a lot in literature and is associated with Venus--maybe it's an aphrodisiac...

          1. If you have a lot of myrtle berries ,where can I get some?

            1. Hi I live in Mallorca Spain and have huge Myrtle trees full of fruit right now. I am searching for a jam or jelly recipes to use up some of the fruit. This is a great year for it and the trees are at their peak right now.
              I have seen jelly in stores in France but never tried it, should have. It is a clear jelly slightly purple, looks great. Jen