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Dec 12, 2006 09:47 PM

Where to find Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans-MSP

I would like to buy a 'special' bag of beans a holiday gift, but I can't think if any place 'special'.

Can anyone direct me to someplace that sells the beans by the pound or such.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Coffee & Tea Ltd:

    They're absolutely fanatical about coffee. They roast their own beans, and roast many, many, many, many varieties. If you want "special beans" the only limitation is your budget.

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    1. re: Danny

      With that many varieties of coffee, how fresh can it really be? Few roasters can have vast numbers of coffee like that, and actually get them sold fast enough to guarantee true freshness. Coffee starts turning by day five, and while a few do need to rest that long to really open up, most are going downhill at that point.

      You could always order form I live in St. Louis, but if you order over the weekend, it'll end up getting roasted on Monday and shipped, and I always have it Tuesday. I imagine you'd get it in a day or two also.

      1. re: bobzemuda

        Coffee & Tea Ltd roasts in very small batches. The freshness & quality is excellent.

        1. re: bobzemuda

          This is how:

          Jim is a gem. Not only does he roast the finest coffee to be had but his vast knowledge of all their teas should be mined when you visit. My friend thinks I am so very clever to know just what he likes but I just tell Jim what it was I got last time and ask if he could suggest another tea my friend might like. Not a clunker in the lot over the years.

      2. Slightly off topic, has anybody seen the Peace Coffee Twin Cities blend in the 1 lb. bags anywhere?

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        1. re: dotMac

          Kowalski's carries peace coffee in 1 lb. bags. At least the one on Grand in St. Paul does!

        2. I second the reco for Coffee & Tea in Linden Hills (Mpls) - the place is a magic coffee land, and the gentelman that has been there everytime i went is super knowledgable!

          1. In addition to coffee and tea there's a fanatical freshness focused business called The Roastery run by a guru named Jeremy Raths. His business model is unique and his product always tops. His roasting operation is tied to a Sunday coffee for work space trade arrangement.

            1. If you can find a place that sells green coffee beans, you can buy a roaster (looks similar to a hot air popcorn popper) or roast them in your oven. Can't get any fresher than that.