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Mar 16, 2005 05:28 PM

Scharffen Berger Choco tour

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Has anyone gone on the Schaffen Berger Chocolate factory tour in Berkeley and was it any good?
Any other food tour recommendations in the Bay area?


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  1. The Scharffen Berger tour is fun, but the factory store is even more fun (nothing but the tour is free, unfortunately). It's a great old brick building, and I believe that SB is the only chocolate maker in the US to open its factory doors to the public on an ongoing basis.

    Don't know about any other food tours, but you might make an extended outing of the SB tour by following up with a stop at the adjoining Cafe Cacao and/or Bittersweet on College Ave. in Oakland (try the European hot chocolate and the dark chocolate French-style macaroon).

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      1. i know the hershey's plant in oakdale is open for tours, so i suppose the original plant in pennsylvania is as well.

      2. In Fairfield is the Jelly Belly factory tour. Live during the week, taped on weekends.

        1. We went on a Saturday, nothing was running, so kind of boring. I think the weekday tours are suppose to be more fun. The store has nice chocolat you can buy, but not at a discount or anything. I think you can get better pricing in other places.

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            I completely agree. On a Saturday we sat in a room and looked at pictures of chocolate. Only one or two samples and very little factory.

            1. re: Windy

              That's interesting cause I went with a group during the summer - on a weekday - and they gave us lots of samples, from each stage of the processing. The cafe is quite good too - good sandwiches and salads - and desserts of course.
              The Jelly Belly factory tour is fun too - but do go on a weekday to really see it in action.

              1. re: Windy

                What a bummer! On a weekday we saw each stage of the process and were given lots of samples to try, so that we could get a sense of what the percentages mean in practice.

                The cafe had not yet opened, but we enjoyed hot chocolate in the waiting area/store.

                1. re: Windy

                  I also went on a weekday last September and was impressed by the impassioned explanation of the process, especially how moist and gross cacao seeds get, and the multiple samples of the process and their varieties. I've been to other chocolate-making factories, and this was the most informative.

                  They also make you wear hairnets and bright red ear muffs, which make for good photos :)

                2. re: Wendy Lai

                  Hi Wendy-

                  You mention the candy pricing at the factory is not all that good- any recommendations on where to buy their candy at reasonable prices? Is their candy available pertty much everywhere?

                  Thank you

                  1. re: Rick

                    Lowest prices are at the Berkeley Bowl or at Trader Joe's, which has a slightly different label but does say Scharffenberger on it. Worst prices are at SFO--perhaps 100% markup.

                3. The Anchor Steam Brewery tour is a winner. I think you need to make a reservation about a month in advance, though.


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                  1. re: Liz

                    I second the Anchor Steam tour, this is a good one. Lots of fun for a small group.