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Dec 12, 2006 09:39 PM

Best Margherita Pizza ?!

I'm a Flight Attendant w/ a LONG layover in NYC and I'm looking to find a great, fantastic true Margherita/Margarita pizza w/ loads of fresh basil and fresh mozza, there seem to be too many options. We'd prefer places in Queens or Manhattan. Suggestions please!! Thanks a bunch.

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  1. If you're looking for pizza - head to either Pomodoro's on Mulberry & Spring in Nolita for the best vodka pizza ever. Or Lombardi's is just down the street too.

      1. If your layover is in LaGuardia, just take the M60 to 2nd Av. (the first stop in Manhattan) and walk to 1st Av. between 117th and 118th Sts. The crust is so thin that it is no problem for one person to eat a whole pie by him-/herself. Two people can share a salad and two pies. I'm not sure you'd think there's loads of basil, but there's enough. If you really want fresh mozzarella instead of fior di latte, Patsy's does make a good fresh mozzarella pie, but their margherita, which is made with fior di latte, is better.

        1. una pizza napolitana- a definitive margherita in manhattan- very expensive, very delicious, very high end. in queens, try sacs in astoria, and people speak very highly about rizzo's (though i've never been). enjoy fb

          1. In Manhattan, there's John's on 44th and Broadway, and Lombardi's on Spring St. Not sure about the choices in Queens, but if there's any chance you'll be in the Bronx at all, Patricia's (on Morris Park Ave.) margherita pizza is amazing.