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Dec 12, 2006 09:34 PM

Los Gueros (Monrovia) - review - great lunch & fantastic guacamole!!

Just got back from a first visit to Los Gueros in Monrovia. Very hole in the wall -- only a couple people inside, banda music playing over the speakers, red/white/green booths... it's a small space, specials handwritten on a board at the entrance... bring on lunch!

First up - tableside guacamole. I could have eaten this all afternoon! I've had my share of tableside guacamole, but this version rose to the top as one of my favorites - it was the perfect amount of everything (although, we got it with no jalapeno and easy onion) - all the flavors blended together in harmonious bliss.

The chips were decent -- some were a little over cooked, but the ones that were lighter color were the ones I zoned in on and it kept me quite content (and reason to pile on the guacamole!!).

I ordered a lunch special - an enchilada with chicken, mushrooms and spinach (made with a flour tortilla) with half red and half green sauce, a side of rice and salad. The enchilada might as well have been a burrito - it was huge. The chicken chunks were tender and the sauce that it was cooked in was very tasty. The mushrooms (to my surprise and delight) were very flavorful and juicy (no thinly sliced, wilty mushrooms here!) It could have used more spinach, IMO, as there were just a few small pieces here and there. I ate so much of the guacamole, I only got through 1/2 of it... and I'm looking forward to devouring the rest of it later.

The rice was decent - had some good flavor, although a bit on the salty side. I was disappointed I didn't order beans instead of the salad.

I noticed some of the nightly specials - kids eat free on tuesday, $0.99 corona/pacifico on monday, $0.99 margaritas on wednesday, $0.99 pina coladas on thursday... can't wait to go back to enjoy more of the guacamole and other things on the menu!

Great service and food came out timely.

If anything could be improved, it would be the chips, but even then - they were passable.

Los Gueros Mexican Restaurant
313 W Huntington Drive

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  1. Agree - great little place.

    Next time you go, print and use the attached coupon in the link below ... free tableside guacamole

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      Nice!!! Thank you! The guac is so good, I will feel a bit guilty for using it!!

    2. What's nice about the guacamole is you can tell the guy what you want in it since he makes it fresh at your table. I agree, that's a nice little place, very dependable. I notice that a related restaurant (was originally Los Gueros then changed its name to Castaneda's Grill) opened in that big red barn building in San Gabriel a couple of years ago but now the building is for lease. The original is still going strong, though.

      1. Jaime (the owner) also has a little hole in the wall sports bar just down the street from the restaurant. Everyone is very friendly and they sell *great* little carne asada tacos you can eat with your cerveza of choice while playing a game of pool.

        1. Oooh and this is close to work too and quite affordable - something to consider for a cheap office lunch.