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Dec 12, 2006 09:32 PM

Reliable Fish and Chips - Restaurant Makeover??

A friend just reported that Food TV's Restaurant Makeover team are at Reliable this week - anybody know if that's true??

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  1. It's right around the corner from my house, will try and check it out in the next day or so.

    1. Well, that explains the film crew there yesterday.

      1. Yes, there is a R.M. sign on their door.

        1. Has anyone ever been to a restaurant makeover restaurant post-makeover? Any reports? I've always been curious about how much of the makeover the owners keep, and how happy they truly are with the reuslts.

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            I went to Natchos Thai Thai before RM hit it.

            The new decor looks great on TV. In real life the workmanship is truly astonishingly bad. I didn't see the TV show until after I had been to the renovated restaurant, so I didn't know why they have renovated and was truly stunned that what I was looking at was 'finished'. The wallpaper is cool, but everything else looks like it was done with plywood by a 10year old. The chairs, which took up a big part of the budget, are so flimsy my husband refuses to sit in them.

            I wouldn't comment on the owner's opinions, as that would be hearsay, but I am totally glad they ensured their lunchmarket was untouched both in flavour and style.

            I also went to Bravi before and after. Call me clueless, but I didn't even notice the change in decor (the big bar) and the food seemed identical to me.

            I still watch and enjoy the show (my favourite designer is the one who used to work for Adrienne Clarkson) -- though I see it through slightly jaded eyes now.

          2. theres an article in toronto life this month about how many resto's are unhappy with their restaurant makeover, and that RM had to apparently pay off one of the restauranteurs that wanted to sue them for shotty workmanship! i still LOVE that show...(especially lou the electrician, and david adjey, and brad long........) :)

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              Boy, you don't sound ICEY to me! lol