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Dec 12, 2006 09:25 PM

Suggestions between LaGuardia and Melville

I will be flying into LaGuardia in a couple of weeks then hitting the LIE for short drive to Melville. When I land, I will be hungry and looking for good food. Any suggestions for spots between the airport and Melville that are not too far off the LIE? Open to types of cuisine, but given that I live in the land of bad pizza, a pizza joint would be great.


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  1. Take the Northern State Pkwy when you leave LGA it is actually called the Grand Central to the Willis Ave exit south (33 I believe) head down about 1 1/2 miles to La Parma on your right. really good food and on your way with a minor diversion.Try their veal and their white clam sauce...oh and their baked clams...awesome stuff.

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      I would second the choice of La Parma for the food, but be warned that it is "family style" Italian with the big plates for sharing so if traveling solo it might not be the place. The correct exit for Willis Ave. is 28S off Grand Central/Northern State, or exit 37 off LIE.

      I get the idea that it's pizza you really want an then I second Umberto's in New Hyde Park as suggested further down. Very easy to get to, LIE east to Lakeville Road exit and turn right at Lakeville, Continue on Lakeville for a couple of miles to where it ends at Jericho Turnpike, make a right and it's right there on your right, just past the bank on the corner.

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      1. Right outside LGA airport is Jackson Hole Wyoming Restaurant...the burgers (that is their specialty) are off the can even walk from the wont eat until the next day....

        1. Immediately south of the LIE and Northern State from the Rte. 106/107 exit in Hicksville is Fanatico (Waldbaum's shopping center, right side of street). The pizza there is just super, especially the "grandma" pie, something you probably won't find in the land of bad pizza from whence you're coming.

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            Is that the one that used to be known as Sun Up Pizza? I've been there in their previous incarnation and really enjoyed the Grandma- it's good to know that it is still good.

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              It's in the same location as Sun Up but under the ownership of Emilio's in Commack and Pasta-Eria in Hicksville. Really great pie.

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                I think the location is wrong..Wasn't Sun Up in the mall on 107 on the right side of the Pathmark mall??

          2. If it's pizza you want here's the drill.
            Once you leave the airport, follow signs for the Grand Central Pkwy EAST. Once you land on the pkwy. stay to the right and follow signs for the Whitestone Bridge. This will put you on the Whitestone Expwy. ( You pass Shea Stadium on your right ).
            Once you get on that road stay to the left and follow signs for The Cross Island Pkwy. (Exit for Whitestone bridge are the right lanes). The first exit on the Crosss Island is Francis Lewis Blvd. Stay on the service road all the way and it bears right and become Franny Lew.
            So now, lets talk some fairly acclaimed slices.
            Sicilian - Matese Pizza. Still the best. 26th Ave @ Franny Lew.
            Regular - Graziella's 33rd Ave @ Franny Lew.
            You can finish off at D'Aquila Pastry shop with an espresso or the best chocolate gelato in Queens.
            Matese was in Jim's Eclectic Guide and for good reason.
            You'll keep going north on Franny Lew with a full stomach of some great eats and hit the LIE east to Melville.
            If it's real pizza you need, this is the story.