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Dec 12, 2006 09:19 PM

Local source for tofu making supplies, equipment

Okay, so I'm totally lovin' my electric soymilk maker (currently on sale for $30 at 99 Ranch Market). The next step is making my own tofu. Does anyone know of stores in town where I can walk in and walk out with a bag of nigari (tofu coagulant)? Also, I'm wanting a decent tofu press (yes, I know I can improvise one with a seive or make one by drilling holes in a plastic container) ... maybe someone's been to a Japanese store that has a selection of stainless steel, ceramic and/or wood ones? Does Mitsuwa carry this kind of thing?

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  1. I'd assume Mitsuwa carries what you need, and I also know that Silom in Hollwyood (on Hollywood Blvd. just east of the 10) has the nigari.

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      Really? I looked at Silom when I was there this weekend, and I didn't see it. Should have asked someone. Is it called something different there?

    2. Update: I've been to Mitsuwa in Alhambra and the Japanese market on Sawtelle Ave. Both only had nigari in liquid form, a smallish bottle for about $8. I'm hoping to find the dry granulated variety (should be about $5 a pound, I think), but so far no luck. I haven't been to the supermarket Little Tokyo yet, but that's gonna be my last resort unless someone out there knows another place to try.

      The Chinese supermarkets I've been to so far didn't seem to have it in any form (and the person I went with asked the manager for me in Mandarin). Also, haven't found any kind of tofu box / press yet.

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        It's been five months since the above was posted. Has a Los Angeles
        source of bulk Nigari crystals been found yet?