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Dec 12, 2006 09:13 PM

Fat Angel bakery - great soup as well as pastry (Fairfax)

I stopped into Fat Angel in Fairfax today and had a cup (so far they use large paper coffee cups) of their daily special soup which was sweet potato, carrot, and ginger. It was as good I can imagine that soup to be; hard to imagine it being better. And it's hard to imagine anything better to go with it than their farmers' market scone. Then of course there are sweet things for dessert (brownie is seriously good; chocolate voodoo - with dried cherries - is also great as I've mentioned before).

Fat Angel
71 Broadway

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  1. Don't make it over to this area much, but I managed to get over there just as they were closing down. No soup, but I did take a sampling of what pastries remained.

    I sampled the pineapple scone (good) and then went to the sticky bun. Big mistake - this one was awesome, and I couldn't help but finish it. Was too sated to sample the other stuff, but those can wait a bit, I imagine.