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Brown Rice in Thai Town?

Do any of the restaurants in Thai Town serve brown rice? I'm hard pressed to think of any...

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  1. The only place I can think of is Toi in Hollywood but I don't like their bland style at all.

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      Agreed, but Toi on Sunset does give you tons of the brown rice.

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        Toi on Wilshire in Santa Monica (around 12th St) also has it.

      2. Not quite in Thai Town but Rambutan in Silver Lake does, and the food is much better than Toi.

        1. Also not quite in Thai Town -- Talesai in Studio City does brown rice, so I expect their other venues might too.

          1. While in Thailand, I asked for brown rice and was told that brown rice is only served to people in prison (and Thai prison is not so great). So, they thought I was crazy to eat it. . .

            Saying that - I think Toi and Natalie Thai have it - but I don't know about anywhere in Thai town.

            1. Cholada in Malibu on the PCH has THE BEST brown rice...real Thai brown rice, I have EVER tasted. New on the menu and worth the drive. That's saying a lot about rice!
              The rest of their menu is always fantastic and being across from the ocean in a little beach shack completes the authentic experience. Go now!

              1. I would recommned Red Corner Asia. They have very good Thai food and they serve very nutty brown rice. It is one of my favorite Thai places and the service is nice and very friendly.

                Even though brown rice has been considered "lower class" (my wife is from Vietnam and thought I was crazy for wanting to eat it), the Prince of Thailand had started a campaign to encourage people to eat brown rice for health reasons. We'll see if he makes any progress.

                1. Jitalda on Sunset (east of Western) is not only great, but I think they offer brown rice.

                  1. For fabulous nutty rich brown rice, go to a neighborhood not-too-fancy restaurant in Santa Monica -- Siam Place, 2906 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA (310) 399-0902. I have never had the delicious brown (almost black) rice they serve anywhere else. And their food is some of the best in town too.

                    1. Palms Thai has it, I had dinner with some friends there a few days ago. I was the only one in the group of Asian descent so I had this, "What is this?" look when I opened up the rice pot, haha.

                      1. I believe Yai at Hollwood and Vermont does.

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                        1. Red Corner Asia has it.

                          An interesting note is that almost all people in Thailand eat white rice. The Prince there had a campaign going to eat more brown rice. There is a stigma that if you eat brown rice, you are poor. Obviously brown rice is more healthy, so he was trying to set an example for the people. My wife is from Vietnam and they also think eating brown rice is weird.

                          We eat primarily Vietnamese / Thai food at every meal and almost always eat Jasmine Brown Rice.