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Dec 12, 2006 09:03 PM

Personalized Aprons

I want to pick one up for an x-mas gift, but William Sonoma won't embroider enough letters. Does anyone have a source suggestion for me? Thanks!

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  1. I was given one and bought one for a friend from bishopaprons.com. I'm quite happy with mine.

    1. I bought one from Williams Sonoma at the mall and there happen to be a kiosk that did embroidering right outside the store...

      try your malls

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        Not too many malls here in Manhattan, but I will try when I visit my parents in Fresno, CA. I will also check out the web sites. Thanks for the great ideas! I really appreciate it.

      2. Shops that make printed T-shirts often do embroidered lettering too.

        1. Would iron on transfers be acceptable? If you have a color printer and a decent selection of fonts on your computer, you can buy a pack of iron transfer paper at an office supply store or most art stores. They're expensive because you'll have to buy 100 or 200 sheets ($20?) but you can find all kinds of fun uses for them.

          And then you can personalize whatever cute aprons you find out there (I made a few aprons this year as presents, but don't have the sewing skills to embroider. I'm still debatig whether to go the iron transfer route--already tired out from the sewing).

          1. I bought one by Fresh Impressions a few years ago from Gourmet Gear, but I don't see them listed anywhere. You might try this website:

            Or, buy an apron you like and bring it to your local embroidery place (see Yellow Pages) for personalization.