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Dec 12, 2006 09:02 PM

rowdy, festive and TASTY for new years eve?

hi all,

looking for a good feasting & drinking spot for new year's eve... excellent food a must! a place serving dinner well into the wee hours is a must as well. center city and surrounding areas. price no matter, but it can't be stuffy. i want a place where it's acceptable to unashamedly wield two chicken legs, one in each fist (not that i would, being vegetarian, but it paints the right picture of what i am looking for!)...

my first thought was to call charlie's pub in old city to make sure they'll be open to the public; they have some mean specials on their menu, if you've never tried! incredibly unique spice combinations, especially for a bar!

just wanted to see if the chows had any other ideas. i was considering north third in northern liberties... i can't make up my mind!

ultimately, i'll post my final destination here as well in case anyone wants to come revel with me!

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  1. Moriarty's Restaurant on 11th and Walnut!

    1. hmm, i've never heard of them! i think we've ultimately decided to do a food crawl, sticking around that very area... i will have to check them out along the way! i'll also be getting old bay fries at mcgillins and guacamole at el vez (which is also the spot i'll be with a group to ring in the new year!)

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      1. re: rabidog

        If excellent food is a must, avoid Moriarty's like the plague. Unless your definition of food is chicken wings, and nothing else.

        1. re: Buckethead

          I've never been, but my husband has & fully agreed- not worth going to Moriarty's if you're a foodie
          (we love the El Vez guac!)