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Favorite restaurant on Greenwich Ave???

Mine is Pasta Vera.

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  1. Assuming you are talking about Greenwich Ave in Greenwich, CT...

    which, of course, is home of the overpriced, underperforming meal. That said, Terra isn't bad, though not cheap at all. not a fan at all of Mediterraneo. Gaia gets mixed reviews here.

    Most satisfying for me, though, is a hamburger at Thataway Cafe, since it doesn't break the bank and actually tastes quite good. Especially if you order it with guacamole and bacon... mmm...

    I do hear good things about Ginger Man, but I have not personally been...

    1. I'm lukewarm on Terra, but love Mediterraneo.

      Ginger Man is good, but not great.

      We loved Elm St. Oyster House, just off Greenwich Ave.

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        forgot about oyster house. That's true, it's quite good.

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          by the way, what do you recommend at Mediterraneo? I only ate there once and was very disappointed (I had monkfish, wife had some pasta), but I don't doubt they have good things on the menu. Would love your recs.

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            It's been too long since we've been there for me to recommend a particular dish, Adamclyde. I think we've generally enjoyed the fish and the specials, but I can't think of anything particular.

            If anything at Mediterraneo turns me off, it's the decor. I find it a bit sterile.

            BTW, it's on the other side of town, but have you tried the Beach House Cafe in OG? It's owned by the Thataway folks, but more upscale (although still casual). They have a seasonal menu. We like it.

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              no but thanks for the tip. looked on google and it looks like it is just a little past arcuris? I'll definitely have to check it out. Do they have good chowders there in the winter? I'm in the mood...

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                Don't know if they have a chowder (chowdah?) but they have lobster bisque. They also have a great "Rhode Island style" calamari with hot peppers. Tasty.

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              hey adam,

              I go to mediterraneo pretty often, and enjoy these dishes:
              pork chop with crumpled sausage and cherry peppers. Big Niman ranch cut,the sausage and peppers give it lots of flavors you wouldnt normally associate with pork
              Lamb Kabob and Kofte - more of middle eastern/turkish dish. comes with a nice yogurt sauce and wild rice.
              Paperdelle with braised duck - pretty big dish with lots of duck and root vegetables. The tomato suace they use doesnt overwhelm the dish.

              Ive always enojoyed the pizzas. There is a chicken in Flatbread that is served during lunch only that my wife loves. Also a tuna carpaccio appy with seaweed salad and citrus fruits is basically ordered every visit

              Dont forget their bread and humus

              As you can tell I enjoy this place very much :)

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                Had dinner at Mediterraneo for the first time in about 3 or 4 years (I swore I would never return after a few so-so meals) and I was pleasantly suprised. Lamb Kabob with mint yogurt sauce and grilled calamari were quite good. Also the reasonably priced wine list was a suprise. Chalk Hill 2004 Chard which retails for $45 was $60 on the list.

            3. Glad to see the mods nixed a rant and my rant-retort, thanks again mods. Now back to the thread.

              I am not a big fan of most of the restos on greenwich ave. the addition of Barcelona is a huuuuge uptick in my opinion if it mimics the Norwalk location. DW and I want to try oyster house and on some lazy weekend next summer we will.

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                hey, what's the price range at barcelona? typical for the area?

                I've heard so many good things... I can't wait to try it. What would you recommend from the Norwalk location (hoping the menus are the same)?

                by the way, back to the OP, I've seen Pasta Vera for ages, I think. Is it the place, same side as Gingerman, that looks sort of like a deli, but with fresh pasta instead? Looks intriguing and I feel guilty that when I lived around the corner, I never tried it... What's it like? Lunch and dinner? Looks like a casual place (that's a good thing).

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                  We ate at Barcelona recently and have been to quite a number of NYC tapas places with which we compared it. It was good, not great, and the prices were similar. I remeber really liking some dishes, not liking some others, thinking the red sangria was good to ok, not better than that. If I can remember what we ate, I will post some details.

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                    they just switched over from the summer to the fall menu but the duck confit, and steak are great each around 10. The olives are good but not worth the 3.50. hostess highly recommended the cauliflower (did not bite last time). Stay away from the ribs, they can be fatty and hard to chew. Calamari very nice, goat was excellent, portabella mushroom with herbed cheese outstanding. They have very nice bread a a pretty good olive oil for dipping. Go to the web site and take a gander.

                    Thanks for the reminder, I was supposed to make a reso for this saturday but forgot. Whew, they still had a table for me.

                2. I like the BHC...I think they have the best Lobster Rolls in the area.

                  1. adamclyde- Pasta Vera is amazing (food, not atmosphere). The prices are very reasonable and you get a lot of food. They have a lot of great fish specials daily and they do make their own pasta there too. The service is very nice too. I would highly recommend.

                    1. I love the new enoteca, Solaia, at the bottom of the Avenue. Try the Polpette! Wonderful wines - tiny, maybe 5 tables. And I adore Brasserie Figaro - classic, great wine, great service. Sean is the owner. Don't go on a Saturday. Too loud! But classic bouillabaise, steak tartare done right, steak frites.

                      I loathe Mediterraneo and Gaia. Pasta Vera has awesome food. Terrible ambience! Service is lovely! Terra recently removed my favorite dish, a cappellini with shrimp and asparagus in a tomato broth off the menu. Darn! I like to sit outside there in the "back" terrace, not the the gawker one on the Ave, but the one in back under the arbor.

                      Elm Street wonderful too.

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                        I agree with you on Solaia. Very nice wine list and some very good food offerings.

                        And, I like the upscale Italian restaurant in between Solaia and Avenida on the same side of the street. Great affable, service in that place.

                      2. A couple doors to the right of Barcelona....

                        Don't frequent restaurants in Greenwich except that I make a weekly pilgrimage to Toku Shin, the best Sushi around. They also serve non-sushi Japanese food (tempura, udon soups etc.) The spicy tuna roll, white tuna, toro and yellowtail are delicious. Also try the sashimi salad which is a generous serving of tuna and salmon in a yummy sauce. I love this place.

                        1. It's nothing fancy but I love the crepes, soups and salads at Meli Melo at the bottom of the avenue.

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                            Good call. Meli Melo is great. Their ice creams are also great. That hazelnut is awesome.

                          2. There's a very classic looking French bistro pretty far down the avenue, pretty close to the Pizza Factory whose name I obviously can't think of. The menu is exactly the sort of stuff my husband and I love. Has anybody been there?

                            Figaro, maybe?

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                              yeah, I think it is called Les Figaro, if I remember correctly. I've never been, but heard it is OK. Worth hearing a recent report on it, definitely.

                              1. re: adamclyde

                                Went to Figaro last night. The food was good; however, service was not the kind I expected. Our waiter (taking our food order was fine); however, the guy caring for our drinks needs help. After looking at the wine list (which was OK - lots of inexpensive bottles available), my wife and I decided to order seperately which meant wines by the glass. When we asked about what was offered we got responses like we have a pinot noir from France, a shiraz from France, a California pinot noir, a french savingnon blanc, etc. I don't know, it was kind of off putting, I think if I was ordering a bottle the service would have been more attentive and provided more information. They don't offer splits, so you have no choice but to order by the glass if you are only going to have a glass or two. We didn't order an appetizer since we had a pre-movie appetizer at McDuffs Pub (just off the corner Railroad Ave and Greenwich Ave), so we put in an order for mushroom risotto and beef bourgonone. The risotto was good, creamy, just the right amount of parmigiana, and not overcooked. The beef borg. was excellent; however the portion size was light considering the $29 price. 4 medium pieces (1" cubes) of beef, 2 tiny carrots sliced over a bed of rice. Now, it tasted excellent, but another 2 pieces of beef, 2 more tiny carrots, and at least 1 pearl onion that was included in the description on the menu would have been nice. After dinner I ordered the creme brulee, but they were out. So instead, we ordered another glass of wine to complete the meal. Total with tax and tip $105.

                                Midway through our entree, another waiter came to our table and swapped out a chair at our table, never said a word to us. Just went about his business interuppting our meal.

                                The wines by the glass.. My wife was drinking the french Sav Blanc (What was it?) which was nice, but the french Pinot Noir (Burgundy) I had was severely lacking in body/taste/complexity. I switched to the french Shiraz (Syrah) and received a much better glass of wine. I can appreciate the effort to make french wines more familar by renaming them, but once I asked for specific types of french wines, I expected to get a response that eliminated being told the type of varietal or even worse continued to tell me about the French Shiraz (Syrah). I'd give it a "B+" for the food, Service "C-", value "C-"

                                Before dinner we had gone to see a movie and had stopped at McDuffs Pub on Railroad Ave. for pre-movie cocktail and an appetizer. We ordered some fried calamari - Man, this could have been the worse calamari I ever had. Not tat I expected them to have fresh calamari in the kitchen, but this stuff was just awful - although the spicy marinara sauce was okay. My wife ordered a glass of Babich Sav.Blanc (Australia) which was good, and I order a Knob Creek - which they were out of, instead I just had a JD on the rocks. The drinks were poured very generously, and mine was free since they didn't have the Knob Creek - nice touch. The bar can only accomodate about 10 so if you going pre-movie get there early. I can recommend the movie - Charlie Wilson's War

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                                Figaro is ok. Service is spotty at best. We have been slightly disappointed in Greenwich restaurants, aside from Toku Shin. This is the best sushi we have found in the CT/Westchester area -- and possibly tops some of our favorites in NYC. Can't say enough good things.

                              2. Greenwich Ave? My girlfriends and I found a great place at the bottom of the ave. It's Riina's Fresco Cafe. This place has the best food. Its fresh, casual and priced well! Help is friendly and service is fast. BYOB is another great offer there since they can't acquire a liquor license. From soups, salads, panini & thin crust pizza. This place is a definite try. I also heard they do a great breakfast.

                                1. I happen top love Katzenberg's - it has great lunchy foods.

                                  1. I just ate at Versaille.... so good!

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                                      What does Versailles have to eat? It's never open when I'm there.

                                      1. re: MasterofLightChick

                                        I had the same problem with Versailles always being closed. On Saturdays I've gotten great quiche, and in the evening we've gotten their wonderful desserts. I know they DO have a more comprehensive dinner menu (they're closed by 8 or 9 I think) but I've never tried it for dinner. Actually, here's a description from restaurantrow.com:

                                        Versailles serves simple but elegant food, much of it derived from the French. Starters include warm salad, onion soup, and escargot. Duck, chicken, lamb, fish, and steak entrees take light sauces and seasonings including oyster mushrooms, lentil, and citrus infusion. Several specials, including a wine-, omelet-, sandwich-, and dessert-of-the-day. As befits a pastisserie, desserts are lavish and Continental, and the wine list is solid.

                                        1. re: Stamford Talk

                                          Well, I have no idea when they may be open for dinner. I get to Greenwich Ave around 5pm every Friday evening for class and they never seem to be open.

                                    2. Love meli melo- soups, crepes and sorbets are amazing! Worth the panic attack you'll suffer from the clausterphopia. MacDuff's has very good comfort food- shepherd's pie. Pasta Vera's chicken scarpiello (its not on the menu) is never disappointing. Abis does a decent Sunday brunch. For serious gluttony just a little way down the road must go to the brunch at the Hyatt in Old Greenwich.

                                      Any one have recommendations on what to order for lunch at Terra?

                                      1. I'll put my vote in for Les Figaros. It is Mr. Pobo and my favorite restaurant on Greenwich Ave. We like the classic bistro.
                                        Off the Avenue - we love Barcelona, although we haven't been there recently.

                                        1. Surprised no one put the new upscale Mexican restaurant named Avenida on the list. It's good for what it is - upscale Mexican. They have fresh guacamole being made over in the corner if that's your fancy. If not, they serve relatively good chips with 3 types of salsa the moment you sit down. All of which are good with completely different tastes. And, the menu itself has some good choices that seem to change with some frequency. Oh, and the drink list is great.

                                          I go here quite often before French class as a solo diner and the girl at the door (maybe owner?) and manager could not be more helpful to make me feel comfortable. They always give me a premium seat instead of sticking me at some solo table in the corner. And, last visit, when I recommended the dressing on their nightly salad special could use just one more ingredient for some kick, they were so very thankful and comp-ed me a desert.

                                          I like this place.

                                          Beware of the toilets though and make sure the translucent glass fills up with air before doing any business! I wonder how many people get caught in some embarrassing predicament with not making sure they fill with air? :-)

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                                            I don't think Avenida was around when most of this post was written up. It's pretty new (6 months or so. I haven't been yet.

                                            so did this get you closer to your sherman oaks restaurant you are trying to replicate? I hope so.

                                            1. re: adamclyde

                                              oh no, it's nothing like it. Avenida is upscale and has very inventive dishes. It's similar to a place in the Bay Area called Guaymas in Tiburon - the first of its kind, upscale Mexican place that handmade their tortillas. The search is still on for my Sherman Oaks replica...though the New Rochelle place seems like it's going to be good.