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Brunch this Sunday

I am going for brunch this sunday with a friend and I wanted to get some recommendations on where to go. We would prefer to stay in Back Bay, but price is not an issue

We were going to do stephanies, but of course they have no reservations available. I have narrowed to:

Great Bay
Aujourd'hui at the Four Seasons

I hav eaten at sonsie and great bay, but have yet to go to Bouchee or the Four seasons. Do you have any other good recommendations? Or is one of these a better option than the others? We are open to anything-very eclectic pallets!

Thanks so much for your help!

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  1. oh and i forgot to mention that a place with cocktails would be preferred. thanks :)

    1. I always love the brunch at Blue Room in Kendall Sqaure if you are willling to go to Cambridge.

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        Ditto, it's a buffet with a nice mix of traditional Western-style dishes and more exotic Asian-inspired ones.

      2. I like Aquitaine and their wonderful bloody mary's.

        1. A very fine brunch and good drinks are to be had at Union Bar and Grille in the South End.

          1. metropolis cafe in the south end. delicious and great atmosphere

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              I can second the Metropolis suggestion. I was there this past weekend for the very first time. The monte cristo was quite well done, stacked high with thick bread and delicious cheese, ham and turky. I also got a taste of the black bean potato hash which I quite enjoyed. The staff is friendly and efficient, turning tables over quickly without making you feel rushed.

            2. If you want something a bit more eclectic, try the Shanghainese and Northern Chinese dim sum items at New Shanghai in Chinatown.

              1. it's a little ways past back bay, but i had an absolutely amazing brunch at eastern standard (kenmore square) recently--complete with the most delicious bloody marys ever!

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                  Limiting yourself to the Back Bay is not the best idea, brunchwise or not. I'd definitely include the South End and some good suggestions have already been made for there (although my last brunch at Aquitaine was good, it was over-priced for what was delivered). If you consider Great Bay to be in the Back Bay (it isn't, but it's as close to Back Bay as the South End is), I'd second the Eastern Standard rec from Alyssap99. I really liked my two (non-brunch) trips there and expect their brunch would be delicious plus the bartending is top notch. It's ok to eat foie gras for brunch, right?

                  Get a reservation wherever you go.

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                    yeah i eat at eastern standard A LOT. i live right by there. i dont LOVE their sunday brunch. their regular breakfast menu is MUCH better!

                    1. I agree with the Aquitaine and Metropolis recs. The only issue with Metropolis is that it does get busy and I don't think they take reservations. I haven't had brunch at Aujhourdui but I have been to the Bristol Lounge, also in the Four Seasons. It's a relaxing brunch spot especially if you cozy up on one of the little couches. I like to go and sit for hours. They have a menu, but also do a buffet.

                      1. I willadd my rec for Eastern Standard.