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Dec 12, 2006 08:53 PM

Fresh Strawberries


Anyone know where I can get fresh strawberries in the Los Angeles area now in the winter?

I haven't seen them in the markets lately, but if you do see some, let me know which markets.

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  1. You might try your local farmers market. A couple of weeks ago I saw some at the Torrance Farmers Market at Wilson Park.

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      Pasadena's Farmers Market (Saturdays at PHS) has them. Not sure how good they are, though.

      1. they're at all the farmers markets. harry's berries took several weeks off, but they're back at it.

        1. I still see them at the farmer's market by the Central Library on Wednesday.

          1. I think I saw three or four vendors with strawberries at the Santa Monica (Sat) farmer's market. They're everywhere.