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Dec 12, 2006 08:29 PM

Lunches in the City Hall area

After yet another lunch that was disgusting (spoiled food, roaches, etc) my boyfriend has given up on buying lunches in his work area near City Hall.

Can anyone recommend some places for him to pick up lunch that won't cost a fortune but will be good (and sanitary)? The poor guy is close to swearing off food that's not hermetically sealed...


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  1. Olivia on Broadway near Park Row
    Quiznos, yea, I know but it is close, on Chambers Street btwn Bwy and Church
    The Korean/japonese place on church between Chambers and Reade
    Spaghetti Western on Reade between Bway and Church and the Chinese take out a couple of doors west of it
    The Italian place on Reade between Lafayette and Broadway
    When the weather gets nicer I like to walk down to Liberty Park and get a falafel, I prefer Allen's to Sam's. Allen has been there longer and his falafel doesn't repeat on me the way Sam's does

    I like the pizza at Amore on Chambers just west of West Broadway. There a place across the street, used to be Taylors and is something else now but I haven't tried it yet.

    The Deli on the SE corner of Church and Chambers is good for Eggs and Omelets served till 1 PM

    There is an Indian place on Church South of chambers that is good too

    That should keep you going for a while. Check ar Zagat for the Jury Duty section

    Also try the nut place on Church and Reade

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      The indian place is called Pakistani Tea House. Great food...a bit spicy but lots of variety and CHEAP!

    2. Thanks so much for the information! It's really going to help him. :)

      1. I've been working in the neighbohood for a couple of months. The pickings are very slim. My best bets are Middle Eastern/Mediterranean. Bread & Olive on John, Alfanoose on Maiden Lane, Turkish Country Kebab on Fulton near Gold. I think the last might have the best prices of the three.

        Anyway this will give additional options south of Park Row.

        1. I work in the area. I've resorted to bringing a frozen entree and nuking it. I agree with your bf, I'm afraid. The places down here are, for the most part, disgusting.

          1. Try Sophie's, a great Cuban place on Chambers, between Church and Broadway, Salaam Bombay over on Greenwich, just North of Chambers, Delphi on Duane Street and there is a nice salad shop on Broadway just North of Duane.