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Dec 12, 2006 08:11 PM

Cleveland - downtown delivery options

I know the Cleveland restaurant scene pretty well, but I just moved to an apartment downtown and am still trying to figure out who will deliver food to my building after hours. The other day I saw a stack of Nunzio's pizza boxes sitting next to the trash chute on my floor, so apparently that's an option--anybody know if their food is good? Any other recommendations? Thanks.

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  1. delivermefood.com services most of the Cleveland area I believe with a number of choices. For subs, I know that Jimmy John's delivers late. Unfortunately Cleveland does not have the delivery options of other big cities but those are 2 that come to mind.

    1. http://www.foodfetchers2u.com/

      delivers 9am - 9pm during the week and 4pm - 9pm Sa, Su.

      there are sometimes booklets with menus at the restaurants they deliver, or you can request one from the website or order online.

      1. Rascal House delivers and is generally pretty high quality (although occasionally you'll get a dud). Their webpage is a great way to check the menu, but I'd order direct by calling.. They've screwed up my order several times via the website. Their meatball subs are tasty.

        1. i think they close early not sure but stop by sometime and see if VINCENZAS PIZZA delivers. ps - dont forget the chinatown joints, they might.

          good luck and report back what you find?!!

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            Unfortunately, Vincenza's is only open during lunch hours.

          2. The Siam Cafe menu says "Minimum Delivery Order $30 and over (Office and Hospital Only)". I've never taken advantage of their delivery service. Much of their menu would travel well. And much of their menu is fantastic. One of the best restaurants in the city. It's worth inquiring about their delivery area. In case you're not familiar they have Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese food. I'm specifically thinking of the Vietnamese or Chinese noodle soup dishes. They're incredible and they'd travel very well.