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Dec 12, 2006 08:05 PM

Best Burger & Fries in Sacramento

Which places serve the best burger and fries in Sacramento? The "perfect" combo could come from two different restaurants. My vote goes for the burger from Nationwide Meats and the garlic fries from Jack's Urban Eats. Any other suggestions, or maybe a place that serves both to perfection?

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  1. I always liked the garlic fries at Sacramento Brewing Company, and their burger was pretty darned good too.

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    1. re: GroovinGourmet

      I miss Sacramento Brewing! They've been closed for over a year, now, and I thinkthey had the best garlic fried.

    2. I was VERY surprised to have a perfect rare burger last night at the new Bernardo at R and 15th. Whenever I usually ask for rare it comes medium; this was a change. The fries were mediocre though.

      Yeah, Nationwide is definitely the best overall burger in town. Fastfood style burgers from Willie's aren't horrible but have a lot of sauce and stuff on em. But decent. Their fries are good too. I like them better than the fries at Jack's.

      Also, 33rd st bistro has good fries, or used to, with chili oil and blue cheese.. Rubicon has OK waffle fries, but a mediocre burger.

      Tower still has a pretty decent burger and decent enough fries. Not amazing, but good.

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        Hewn: Thanks for the tip on a rare burger at Cafe Bernardo's. I love a rare burger! The only place I have been able to get a rare burger done right is at home where my husband knows how to cook a rare burger. The last time I tried was at the Fox and Goose. Got a disappointing burger after being assured they could cook it rare. My dining companion, Robert (from this board), asked the waiter to take it back and ask the kitchen to try again. Second attempt was better-- between medium rare and medium. Will have to give CB's burger a try. Thanks!

        1. re: melly

          Oh, forgot about them. The new owners are terrific and even though they don't make that evil habanero chili, the burgers are still great (although the fried chicken tacos are even better!).

        2. Nationwide is number one. But I can't stand the fries.

          Waterboy has a killer burger at lunchtime and the fries are delicious. And even though the bacon is also killer, the bigger is actually just as good without it.

          1. Missb...agree about the burger at The Waterboy. Loved the grilled onions and the bun is perfecto. Fries are okay.