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real cornish pasties?

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  • Diana Dec 12, 2006 07:50 PM
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Anyone got a good recipe? I hunger for the true pasty!

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  1. you know you're going to start some fights, right?

    1. well, if anyone is from Cornwall, that would settle it. I'm born of two English ex-pats myself-I've had the real thing on a visit to family yonks ago. I want to make them myself-but I need a basic recipe. I know, potatoes aren't "real"..but they'll do in a pinch.

      1. Rick Stein has a good recipe...but I can't find it :( This should help in the meantime - http://telematics.ex.ac.uk/realcornwa...

        1. omg yes. My last trip to England, my mother and i lived on Pasties! (We did enough walking and traveling to wear off the pounds :p ) I have never been able to find a recipe here that tastes right. Time to plan another trip i guess!